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You or Someone You Know

If it weren’t for playing in a certain scene, Worriers would likely be branded as a pop band instead of punk. The band is DIY all the way, with a growing discography, plus a back catalogue of previous bands dating into the early 2000s. As the project has grown since debut Cruel Optimist, it’s shifted more and more pop in song structure and production, though always with a personal, yet political, narrative that would still be neatly summed up as cynical but hopeful in tone. It’s soothing and thoughtful rather than aggressive.

With You or Someone You Know that transition continues. Lauren Denitzio has always been the central figure and literal voice of the band and it’s grown more personal with each record. This time around, it feels like it could be released under her solo name as much as it could under the Worriers moniker. While the songs are all deeply personal, what sets it apart is that they are also universal and accessible. The songs brim and burst with a range of emotion, from longing to frustration, cynicism to hope. Denitzio’s distinct vocal flourishes give it much of its character, but the songwriting is simply top notch. No two songs on this record sound alike, but they all sound like the same group. It’s personal, but it’s approachable instead of self-absorbed.

“PWR CPLE” is an upbeat song that utilizes rise and fall dynamics for the full effect. “Big Feelings” has a beautiful guitar lead before it dives into a reminiscent tone (and key) that reminds of “Future Me” off Survival Pop. “Curious” is laden with pop hooks, and “What Comes Next” starts off like an ‘80s song before a brooding bass line nosedives into dark-but-not-depressed territory. While other vocalists would make this song cold, Denitzio’s voice is always warm and endearing, even as the subject matter grapples with more troubling themes that can sound nearly haunted in her delivery.

You or Someone You Know is a natural progression for anyone who has followed Worriers. It’s a little less upbeat and more reflective, and it utilizes pop hooks but counters them with deep and personal, real life emotions. If you handed this record to an unfamiliar listener, I don’t think they’d bring up the punk scene at all. That’s not a bad thing by a long shot. It’s diverse and meaningful art. More importantly, its sparks connection – and one that will span any silly genre line.

7.9 / 10Loren
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7.9 / 10

7.9 / 10

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