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KFAI - Undead
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Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time album cover

Good Riddance

Peace In Our Time, 2015

8.0 / 10

Peace in Our Time is an album that seemed like it was never going to be released. Good Riddance's breakup in 2007 appeared to be final. Younger listeners such as ...

Priscilla Ford - The Blackout Club album cover

Priscilla Ford

The Blackout Club, 2015

7.3 / 10

Priscilla Ford's debut EP, The Blackout Club, is a raging punk rock'n'roll album. It careens with a controlled abandon, much like the Reno, Nevada murder spree after which the band ...

Strung Out - Transmission.Alpha.Delta. album cover

Strung Out

Transmission.Alpha.Delta., 2015

9.4 / 10

There are some albums that you hear for the first time and fall in love instantly. There are others that require repeated listens in order to grasp the depth and ...

Jesse LeBourdais  - Long Winter album cover

Jesse LeBourdais

Long Winter, 2015

8.0 / 10

Long Winter is the third proper full length from former Cambridge frontman Jesse LeBourdais and seems to be his fullest musical realization to date. While his previous solo releases have ...

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One Question Interviews Pharaoh

Posted April 16, 2015, 12:32 a.m.

Pharaoh SPB: To what extent does ritual/tradition/mythology play a part in Pharaoh's music? Pharaoh: We met and grew up for the most part in Catholic schools together ...

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KFAI - Root Of All Evil


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