Features Music 2010: A Year In Review

Music: 2010: A Year In Review

Top 5 splits and collaborations

This year saw a large amount of splits and collaborations coming from a wide variety of artists that really were excellent. This list is what I thought were the best ones out there.

1. House Of Low Culture / Mamiffer- Split

Honestly, one of the most relaxed but moving listening experiences that I have had in the second half of 2010; it does not hurt that I am completely obsessed with both groups. Mark this down as sounds to hunker down with a loved one while a massive whiteout winter storm is going on outside. This was the soundtrack to my year end SPB lists.

2. A Death Cinematic / Sons Of Alpha Centaurii- split

Besides being more great material from A Death Cinematic, this split introduced me to the spaced out sounds of Sons Of Alpha Centaurii. Both sets represent some of the more soundtrack like music that I have heard that are not set to moving pictures. Great music to get lost in and stare out into nothing at all, this record may bring oblivion to your mind, if only for a few moments.

3. Iroha & Fragment.- Bittersweet

Only knowing half of this split based on its members other projects, buying this split was a gamble that paid off in spades. Both groups turn in performances that made me search out previous material (in the case of Fragment.) or anxiously await their first full length (I’m looking at you Iroha). This release stands well on its own, almost a year after initially hearing it.

4. Locrian- Territories

The band considers this a collaborative LP and not a pure album from Locrian, but the band teams up with a drummer to produce a caustic record that I think might be aimed to melt your face off while you are listening to it. Another excellent release from Locrian this year that might be overshadowed by its successor (The Crystal World), this record stands well enough on its own though thank you very much.

5. Planning For Burial / Lonesummer- split

This is one of those splits where the artists sound completely different but seemingly connect on a completely different level as the pairing just feels right. Both solo projects will knock your socks off the way they did mine. The synergy here is uncanny and the tunes are all excellent.

Honorable Mention

Gehenna / Blind To Faith- split and Gehenna / California Love- split


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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 3, 2011, 6:22 a.m.

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