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Year End 2015

Music: Pass The Mic: Record Labels on 2015

Every year since 2006, Scene Point Blank has made it our mission to find out what our community thought of the previous twelve months in music. At the end of each year we reach out to artists, record labels and other industry figures working in punk, hardcore and more to ask them what shaped their 2015. In this year's instalment we hear from some of our favorite record labels and hear what they thought were the best albums of the year, what they're up to in 2016, and their take on physical formats – will we see more CDs/vinyl/cassettes next year? It's over to them to find out.

(Look out for part two of this feature where we ask bands and artists for their take on 2015 too – coming soon!)

Meanwhile, here are some highlights from the collection of interviews spanning the next few pages:

Andrew Horne (Specialist Subject Records/Bangers)

If you look at it objectively physical formats are totally "unnecessary" these days, buying an album is a luxury purchase.

Brent Eyestone (Magic Bullet Records, Bleach Everything-vocals)

I’ve said it before: if Power Trip was around in ’83, you’re talking about “The Big Five” and not “The Big Four” when it comes to thrash metal.

Will Butler (To Live a Lie Records)

Movies are going to all become part of the cloud but I hope music stays tangible. Do any of the platforms really deliver well? Do they really support the underground?
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Words by the SPB team on Dec. 21, 2015, 3:17 a.m.

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Series: Year End 2015

Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2015.

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