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One Question Interviews: Extinction A.D.

Rick Jimenez (Extinction A.D. – guitar/vocals)

SPB: Did you experiment much with different equipment, setups, mics or equipment when recording Decimation Treaty? Did any particular item stand out?

Jimenez: While we recording Decimation Treaty we actually experimented quite a bit with different amplifier and cabinet combinations. We quad-tracked the rhythm guitars like we tend to do and, as opposed to throwing a doubled amp in the left and a doubled amp in the right, we used two different amps on each side and just favored one over the other by 60/40 split on each side. After the experimenting we decided on my go-to amp since 2005: a mid ‘90s two channel Mesa boogie dual rectifier through a straight recto 4x12 cabinet and a Peavy 6505 through a custom full force studios Vader 4x12 cabinet.

These are both pretty basic set-ups when it really comes down to it, and not like we were or are breaking the mold exactly, but the secret sauce (if there is one) in the rig was the addition of a Maxon OD-808 and a Boss Compressor CS-3 that I actually found in Detroit in 2009 or so and has been a staple with me ever since. Two of the most underrated pedals that I believe exist. Together they add that little extra push off the cliff that is both subtle and blunt at the same time. Or let’s be honest, if you’re as sloppy at guitar as I am, you need all the help you can get and those always save my ass.

We’re in the midst of recording our follow-up record now and being that we’re being slowed down due to the pandemic, we’ve been making as much progress as possible. Part of that was deciding to record all the stronger instruments direct signals to be re-amped in the future. This was the ultimate test for me because after not getting comfortable with any guitar amp plug in, I decided to test my chops and just record the entire album literally clean. No plug in to monitor, no distortion or overdrive to mask imperfections... just raw, clean tone for 10 tracks of the most aggressive album yet. Once I got past the initial shock of this, it not only became a fun challenge but opens up the opportunity to listen to completed tracks while experimenting with different sounds once the re-amp process begins. I’m looking forward to shaping the sound of the record without having to cater it to my what my playing technique requires. I assure you though that the Maxon OD808 and the Boss CS-3 will be a part of it. Maxon has taken care of me for many years but hey Boss, I’m ready for my hookup now!


Words by the SPB team on Aug. 24, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Extinction A.D.

Posted on Aug. 24, 2020, 8 p.m.

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