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One Question Interviews: Geld

Al (Geld – vocals)

SPB: Given that records get distributed on the internet with a global reach, and influences come in with a global reach, do you find it difficult to establish an “Australian” sound, or is it not a factor in your music? 

Al: While we do have some civic pride for Australian music (one of the few Australian things I can honestly say I'm proud of), at no point did we feel it something that needed representation. I think the immediate nature of music nowadays simply means sound/style/genre has become more of a premeditated choice rather than an environmental bestowment. [It’s] something that obviously has its share of pros and cons, but ultimately I think it's great. From a stylistic standpoint, we've been given the keys to the cuffs. To make something great and distribute it in seconds, or to fuck it up and make some sort of contrived punk Voltron.

It's up to us. Geld certainly took liberties at the international punk buffet, and because of that we were able to do something that's less of a genre band based around time, location or community, and more so reflective of the band’s relationship in an insular context (not to suggest these themes were totally unheard of pre-internet, there's always been weirdos trying to do their own thing).

With that being said, this question is null and void, as Cormac hates AC/DC, which basically disqualifies us from claiming any significant connection to this country's music.


Words by Robert F. on Jan. 11, 2019, 10:05 p.m.

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Posted by Robert F. on Jan. 11, 2019, 10:05 p.m.

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