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One Question Interviews: Powernap

Hugo Mudie (Powernap)

SPB: What is an oreosmith?

Mudie: When I was a kid I had an uncle who worked for Christie (the company that makes the Oreos). His name was Danny Mudie. When Areosmith released the Pump album, the Oreo brand was going to make Steve Tyler shaped cookies. One cookie in every 100 boxes or so. When you find the magic cookie, you get a pair of tickets for a special Areosmith show. The band was getting clean and wanted to be popular for a younger demographic like Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi. Everything was going to happen. The cookies were ready to be put in the production and all. Steve Tyler, who was oblivious to the promo was sent a prototype and didn’t like the cookie at all. He thought that his cookie-self looked like a monkey (which is not crazy.. «  crazy » get it?…wow, I’m amazing… « amazing » get it? ). So he told his agent to stop everything. The guys at the shop on Viau in Montreal were pretty pissed ‘cause they had worked hard on the promo. They decided to use the cookies they had at the shop then (about 200 pieces ) and put them in random boxes. One of the box was all Steve Tyler shaped cookies. They never heard back, ‘til years later when a man in India opened a box filled with monkey-Tyler shaped Oreos. He sold them for 100K each and became a millionaire. For the rest of his life he bought Oreo boxes for the poor kids in the small village of Bodhgaya, India. It made everyone happy. They call the man: BADDHI OREOSMITH.


Words by Loren on May 21, 2015, 12:49 p.m.

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Posted by Loren on May 21, 2015, 12:49 p.m.

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