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The Sword

Words: Loren • August 16, 2018

The Sword
The Sword

Kyle Shutt (The Sword)

SPB: How did you choose your weapons in the NES-inspired “Used Future” video?

Kyle: Creating that video was a really fun experience.  I came up with the story and Bryan (Richie, The Sword’s bassist) called up a friend we had at Rooster Teeth, who brought the idea to life.  

I wanted the weapons that each of us were equipped with to reflect our personalities as well as fall in line with classic JRPG attack patterns.  

One of JD’s (The Sword’s vocalist) favorite sci-fi characters has always been Han Solo, so he got the blaster, capable of doing strong damage to one enemy per attack. People are always telling me that I melt their faces, so I got the flame thrower, capable of doing moderate damage to multiple enemies per attack. Bryan is the best technical engineer among us, so he got a computer for debuffing enemies and hacking into locked doors. Jimmy (Vela III, The Sword’s drummer) is definitely the berserker of the group, so he uses his bare hand to pummel enemies. He even suplexes the train boss as a nod to Final Fantasy 6.  

But you can’t have a JRPG without a limit break, so when our powers combine we destroy the evil robot overlord with... The Sword.

It’s my favorite music video ever, check it out!


Photo by Jack Thompson

Loren • August 16, 2018

The Sword
The Sword

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