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One Question Interviews: Volcom

Kurt Midness (Volcom)

SPB: How do you determine which bands go into the singles series?

Midness: To start with we try to pick artists that we think are doing something cool that we like. In an ideal world we could just pick and choose from what we consider to be the best music happening now. Since that is hardly the case, other factors come into play. Questions such as... Does this band have a single they want to put out? Would they like to work with us? What can we do to make this record exciting for the bands and their fans? If everything lines up then it’s a go. We are currently working on our 35th and 36th release. We pride ourselves on using the vinyl club as a means to showcase a broad range of sounds, so we are always looking for new sounds and different approaches to music. I like to think that we are providing a service that shines a light on under-represented artists while simultaneously contributing curios from better known bands. Once we agree to press a record it should be as good as possible because vinyl is permanent.


Words by Loren on March 2, 2014, 2:59 p.m.

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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Posted by Loren on March 2, 2014, 2:59 p.m.

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