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One Question Interviews: Fugazi, Toys That Kill, Amorak, Northless

Posted by Loren on June 16, 2013

One Question Interviews: Fugazi, Toys That Kill, Amorak, Northless
Glen E. Friedman

We're proud to introduce a new series here at Scene Point Blank: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Well, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week.

After our social media followers get the first word, we'll later post a wrap-up here at the site. Check out our quickie Q&As below with members of Amorak, Northless, Toys That Kill/Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Joe Lally (SPB guest columnist and Fugazi member)!

Erik Stenglein (Northless)
SPB: What part of your live show is the hardest on sound engineers?

Stenglein: I would say the hardest aspect of our live sound would be the mix between our instruments and the vocals. We play loud with a lot of bass, and depending on how bright the room sounds, sometimes getting the vocals to cut through and sit in the mix right is a big challenge. I think another thing I’ve heard from sound engineers is that since our music is so heavy in the low end that keeping everything from going to mush, while all instruments are essentially competing for the same frequency range, can be difficult as well. The vocal thing we’ve done nothing about, really, except I do try to sing louder, haha. The instrumentation part we’ve spent some time on, by really trying to dial a lot of midrange into the guitars, while keeping the bass more relaxed in the midst so it can fill in the lowest frequencies and sound distinct from the guitars, as it should.

Brandon (Amarok)
SPB: What is your staple tour food?

Brandon: It’s usually pizza. I say this because its something you can find meat or vegetarian. Available almost anywhere, and available late night like after our shows. May not be our favorite tour food but its one that we end up eating frequently. I think we would all prefer burritos though.

Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill/Underground Railroad to Candyland/Recess Records)
SPB: How many vans have you had?

Congelliere: I've had 8 vans. Two band members that I've had in the past have accounted for two more vans that we used for tours.

Joe Lally (solo artist, Fugazi)
SPB: What is your favorite Roman (food) dish?

Lally: I don't eat cheese or meat so that rules out me knowing about most dishes Romano. I don't know how they came up with such heavy dishes in a place that is hot most of the year.

I can tell you a favourite Italian summer time lunch, although it's a short answer. White pizza (here
it's just a soft and light crust with olive oil and salt) cut open in a 4x6 rectangle with fresh figs spread
inside. Pretty fucking good. 

One Question Interviews: Fugazi, Toys That Kill, Amorak, Northless
Glen E. Friedman

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