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Gizeh 100

Posted Nov. 14, 2020, 11:06 a.m. in Labels by Loren
Gizeh 100

One hundred releases is an accomplishment for any label. Gizeh Records has announced GZH100, a two-disc compilation named We Hovered With Short Wings, featuring a collection of artists to work with the label over its 18 year history.

The collection features 21 tracks and releases on Dec. 4, 2020 and features material by Nadja, Hundred Year Old Man, Shield Patterns, Jon Mueller, Christine Ott, and more (full track listing below). 

Speaking of the record, Richard Knox offered the following statement:

The concept of reaching the rather heady number of 100 releases when I started the label in 2002 was neither an ambition nor a consideration. I began by putting out CD-r’s for friends and it was about as primitive and DIY as it gets. No goals, no plans. It’s safe to say the desires and ethics for starting the label are still fully present and relevant all these years later and this milestone feels like as good a time as any to take a moment to reflect and celebrate this steady and patient ascent.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. To the outstanding artists I’ve had the privilege of working with, many of whom have become close friends. And to everyone who has supported the label, be it buying records, writing reviews, putting on shows or simply helping to spread the word. Holding truly independent values and practicing sustainability in this world is not easy, we need people to buy into what we do and that support is never, ever taken for granted. Gizeh has never felt part of any music ‘industry’ and we have always deliberately operated outside the boundaries of genres and scenes. This approach comes with considerable headaches but ultimately it’s what has given the label its energy and longevity and, personally, it’s what keeps it interesting on a daily basis. I always liked the notion of the label being somewhat representative of my own record collection where there is room for tastes to change and grow and develop in unexpected ways.

This century release has been looming on the horizon for some time and thoughts of how to mark it have come and gone. The idea for this compilation was floated in the early part of the year with an open call to almost everyone who has been involved in the label to participate. It felt right to gather together so many people who have contributed so much to Gizeh in the past 18 years. The title is taken from a song by the late, great Vic Chesnutt. It seems to perfectly sum up our journey these past years and it’s a firm nod to someone who provides endless and much needed inspiration.

The end result is 21 exclusive pieces of music that offer a timely reminder of how important and necessary art is to the world. We need it now more than ever.


1. JULIA KENT - Nightjar

2. FIELDHEAD - oh god, i hate this wind


4. OTTO LINDHOLM - Antigone

5. A-SUN AMISSA - Dragging

6. FRÉDÉRIC D. OBERLAND - The Dead Govern the Living (Extract)

7. SNOWDROPS - Blue Mountains

8. AIDAN BAKER - Nightmoves

9. JEAN D.L. - Krabben




11. RICHARD KNOX & FRÉDÉRIC D. OBERLAND - Requiem for Laïka (Live)

12. AGING - Her Mercy

13. HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN - Ascension (Live)

14. ANDERS BRØRBY - Good Girls

15. JON MUELLER - Treasure & Elevation

16. CHANTAL ACDA - When Everything Feels Fluid


18. NADJA - Fractured Moments

19. A.R.C. SOUNDTRACKS - Zuerst

20. CHRISTINE OTT - Tristan's Ascension

21. OF THREAD & MIST - We Do Not Sulk in Shadows of Unbelief

  • Curated by Richard Knox
  • Mastered by Mark Beazley
  • Artwork and design by Richard Knox
  • Hand-printed sleeves by Death Rattle Press
KFAI - Undead
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