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Fat to release Paint It Black 7-inch

Posted by Loren on February 23, 2013

Fat to release Paint It Black 7-inch
Maclyn Bean Photography

Fat Wreck Chords out of San Francisco has announced an upcoming new 7" from Paint It Black this April, named Invisible.

The new EP features six songs and a release show is scheduled for late May, though it has already sold out. Bassist Andy Nelson mentioned the EP in our Pass the Mic 2012 coverage earlier.

1. Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs
2. Headfirst
3. Props for Ventriloquists
4. Little Fists
5. D.F.W.
6. Invisible

RECORD RELEASE SHOW (sold out already, sorry!):
5/31 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church (w/Joyce Manor, Loma Prieta, Congenital Death, Bad Side)

Fat to release Paint It Black 7-inch
Maclyn Bean Photography

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