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Hope Drone premieres new song

Posted by Loren on June 1, 2015

Hope Drone premieres new song
Hope Drone premieres new song

Hope Drone has posted a trailer for their debut on Relapse Records, which is due this July.

Check out "Every End Is Fated In Its Beginning" below, off the upcoming Cloak of Ash record.  The band released a self-titled record in 2013.

Track Listing: 

1. Unending Grey
2. Riverbeds Hewn In Marrow
3. The World Inherited
4. The Chords That Thrum Beneath The Earth
5. Every End Is Fated In Its Beginning
6. He Waves Forever Shatter Upon Our Shores
7. Carried Apart By The Ceaseless Tides


Hope Drone premieres new song
Hope Drone premieres new song

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