News Records Rations Noise and Unknown River Driver releasing split

Rations Noise and Unknown River Driver releasing split

Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 11:05 a.m. in Records by Loren
Rations Noise and Unknown River Driver releasing split

photo by Loren Green

86'd Records will be releasing a new split 12" this winter between Rations Noise and Unknown River Driver. The two bands formed following Rations going on hiatus in 2014.

"We organized this release very intentionally to be a multi-label split release," Wells Tipley (86’d Records and Rations Noise) tells No Echo. "The idea of having a handful of labels from scenes in different parts of the world release a record is old one, but I think it’s still really relevant. It decentralizes and regionalizes a number of the core functions of releasing a record: the capital investment in manufacturing, getting the word out to audiences, disseminating copies to distributors and other labels through trades, tabling shows, and much more.

"We released two Rations Noise 7” EPS this way and saw 2,000 total copies released across 34 labels in 11 countries. This time around we’re aiming to hook up with approximately 10 like-minded labels to issue 300 copies. The effort is being organized by 86’d Records in the North America and Farsot Records in Europe. We’ve actually already confirmed Tor Johnson Records in Providence, RI as one of the co-releasing labels! So we’re already on our way."

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