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The Eradicator full-length

Posted by Loren on August 25, 2019

The Eradicator full-length
photo by Loren Green

The Eradicator have announced an upcoming full-length to be titled Peak Eradicator -- out October 4. The band is based on a Kids in the Hall sketch about a squash-player named The Eradicator and the group's musical output, fitting into the hardcore scene, explores similar concepts to the original skit with ample in-jokes and some deeper meaning mixed in as well.

Check out a live write-up on the band from The Fest 17.

Watch a video for "Imma Be Me" here.

Track listing:

2. Warpath
3. I'mma Be Me
4. Peak Eradicator
5. You Know Too Much About Me Already
6. Prepare For Battle
7. Judge, Jury & The Eradicator
8. Homesick
9. You've Gotta Go
10. Future Olympian
11. The Ultimate Irony
12. Baby, You're So Worth The Investment
13. Until We Meet Again

The Eradicator full-length
photo by Loren Green

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