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The Bouncing Souls reimagined

Posted by Loren on August 26, 2020

The Bouncing Souls reimagined
photo by Danny Clinch

Titled Volume 2, The Bouncing Souls will release a collection of reworked songs from their catalog on Oct. 23 on Pure Noise Records.

Produced by Will Yip, the collection spans the band's 30 year career with ten new takes on old songs and one brand new one ("World on Fire").

The band shared "Ghosts On The Boardwalk" 2.0 today (below).

Volume 2 track list:

1. Argyle
2. Gone
3. Late Bloomer
4. Simple Man
5. Hopeless Romantic
6. Kids and Heroes
7. Favorite Thing
8. Highway Kings
9. World On Fire
10. Say Anything
11. Ghosts On The Boardwalk

The Bouncing Souls reimagined
photo by Danny Clinch

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