News Records SPB featured stream: Heart & Lung - You Wanna Know the Truth?

SPB featured stream: Heart & Lung - You Wanna Know the Truth?

SPB featured stream: Heart & Lung - You Wanna Know the Truth?

Heart & Lung - You Wanna Know the Truth?

In our featured November stream we're sharing a reissue of You Wanna Know The Truth? -- the debut album by Cleveland punks Heart & Lung.

Originally released in 2017 by the band, Red Scare Industries is reissuing it now for a wider audience and to build excitement for its follow-up, due out next year.

When these songs were recorded, we were so desperate to control all this terrible stuff happening in our lives -- for example, "Hey Man" is about having to tell my dad he was definitely going to die of full-blown cancer, and then watching it happen. Combine that real dark shit with the state of politics at the time. We ended up focusing on making everything as fun and as shamelessly catchy as we could, which to us, turned our problems into music we wanted to hear. 

It was our inner monologue while looking out the window during a Midwest winter with a bottle of beer in hand and nine empty ones on the table. 
Looking forward to 2021, turns out our old problems were just minuscule compared to imminent societal collapse. As a result, we’ve become even more depressed, angry and shamelessly catchy than ever before. 

Some real positive vibes for the coming colder weather in the upper Midwest, for sure.

Listen here:


After releasing the record themselves, You Wanna Know The Truth? the band played dates with Dead To Me and The Lawrence Arms, and eventually teamed up with Red Scare.

The label adds:

We’ve been hearing about Heart & Lung for a long time.  Heroes of Cleveland, they say!  So we got them on some shows and hung out and now we’re gonna help them bring these sweet tunes to the rest of the world.  Yeah, 2020 has been a drag, but if this band has a new record coming in 2021, then we already have something to look forward to.

Listen above, then buy it for yourself via their bandcamp and check them out at The Fest That Never Was livestream event this weekend. You Wanna Know The Truth? (reissue) comes out on Friday Oct. 30.

Track listing:

1. Telecaster

2. Wasted

3. Hit Song No. 4

4. Hey Man

5. 1954

6. You Wanna Know the Truth?

7. Recession

8. Don't Need You

9. North Coast Metropolis

10. Ingenue

11. The Sound


photo courtesy of Red Scare Industries

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