News Records A Zouo collections and some new S.H.I.

A Zouo collections and some new S.H.I.

Posted March 14, 2021, 1:35 p.m. in Records by Loren
A Zouo collections and some new S.H.I.

photo courtesy of Cherry Nishida

Relapse has sprung a deal with Cherry Nishida to rerelease Zouo's Agony憎悪Remains album, plus a new record from their current band, S.H.I., 4 死 Death, both of which release on digital and LP formats on April 23.

Agony憎悪Remains is a collection of Zouo's recrded material, including the 1984 debut 7" The Final Agony, plus 9 live songs -- a full track listing is included at the end of the post.

S.H.I. (Struggling Harsh Immortals) is Nishida's current project which blends metal, punk, and industrial elements. Listen to "Blood Lust" (below) to get an idea.

In between the two projects discussed here, Nishida also performed with Danse Macabre.

Following ZOUO's releases, mastermind Cherry Nishida delved deeper into Japanese hardcore, forming DANSE MACABRE - a band solely dedicated on honing into the psychology of a serial killer.


Sons of Satan
Making Love With Devil
No Power
Blood Master
You Like It That Way
Hate Children (Live at Fourvalley 1983)
System Fuck Off (Live at Fourvalley 1983)
Untitled 1 (Live at Fourvalley 1983)
Fuck the God (Live 1984)
Bloody Master (Live 1984)
Frustration (Live 1984)
Making Love With Devil (Live at Studio Ahiru)
You Like It That Way (Live at Studio Ahiru)
Out of Order (Live at Studio Ahiru)


Blood Lust
Casualty Vampire
Hell Bounded Heart
Theme 2
In The Mouth of Madness
Doesn’t Mean That Much
Genocidal Organ

KFAI - Undead
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