News Records SPB exclusive: Friend Club Records - On Second Thought, Volume 2

SPB exclusive: Friend Club Records - On Second Thought, Volume 2

Posted May 8, 2021, 6:27 p.m. in Records by Loren
SPB exclusive: Friend Club Records - On Second Thought, Volume 2

On May 21, Friend Club Records will release a 20-song cassette featuring brand new material, songs previously shared online, and material from the label’s 2021 releases – oh, and some friends via a partnership with Slow Down Records of Norway. We're excited to give everyone a premiere: streaming in-full, On Second Thought, Volume 2.

Enjoy songs form Eugenius, All Hallowed, Least, Eugenius, Wet Tropics, Spaceships, Turquoise, Ray Gun Solace, Sammy Mellman, Nomos Amata, and many more below.

Orders open this Friday -- sign up here and you'll receive a notification when the time comes. One hundred percent or all proceeds will benefit Campaign Zero.

It’s hard to concisely sum up a 20-song collection, so instead of giving a bio or history of the groups, we’re just rolling with some highlights picked out by the label. It’s Friend Club’s second compilation since the start of 2020 and, the label adds, “The past year has been an amazing learning experience for us and this comp shows how far we've come.”


All Hallowed "Poet" - is a brand new track and their first following their debut EP earlier this year. This song is a re-imagining from the band's prior incarnation Starving In The Belly Of The Whale turning what was a quiet slowcore piece into a dance-punk jam. 

Least "Tidal Wave Surgery" - is an honest moment that speaks bravely about singer Taylin's recent transition and how they grapple with identity in their new world. The song encapsulates everything we see 5th wave emo being (minus the gatekeeping).

Eugenius "Breath/Sleep" - is a bold political statement written in the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy last year. It's a moving piece that we feel everyone should hear. We're in the midst of kickstarting vinyl for his LP Midlife.

Wet Tropics "Cool California" - is from their LP Everybody Get In which is also part of the aforementioned Kickstarter. Wet Tropics is John Rejba's current band (ex-Boys Life, The Farewell Bend).

SPACESHIPS "Chatroom" - "Early on in the pandemic, my personal community was split down the middle, like most communities. I watched as friends threw calloused and careless accusations to everyone on the other side of the dividing lines without realizing that good friends were on the other side. We withheld kindness to others that we had broken bread with, all while claiming we were pursuing justice, compassion, and peace, opting for sarcasm and dismissal instead of attempting to come to an understanding,” the band says. “’Chatroom’ is a confession and an olive branch, extended with full awareness of my own carelessness and hypocrisy.”

Turquoise "Starberry Daiquiri" - is the first single from the band's upcoming release Fermented Fruit. These Lincoln scenesters meld together jazz and post-rock into an instrumental concoction like none seen before.

Ray Gun Solace "Lunar Orbit" - continues Daniel Howe's strong storytelling voice with a Hawaiian undertone. His ability to quickly escalate this track without any notable percussion is astounding (especially given that he is a classically trained percussionist).

Sammy Mellman "Visitor" - is from Sammy's forthcoming EP That Bird and shows this multi-instrumentalist exploring his love of bands like The Beach Boys, The Byrds, and Joni Mitchell. I've always considered Sammy to be something that would fit in really well with the Asthmatic Kitty lineup and so I'm ecstatic to be able to share his music with the world.

Nomos Amata - is the latest project from the Samdal brothers (ex-You Could Be A Cop, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, Morfar).

Friend Club Records presents On Second Thought, Volume 2, full track listing: 

Eugenius: Breath/Sleep - #
Turquoise: Straberry Daiquiri (Single Version) - #
Pekin Bike: Beer With Friends - from "Warm-Up"
Least: Tidal Wave Surgery - from "Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat"
Wet Tropics: Cool California - from "Everybody Get In"
All Hallowed: Poet - *
One Hundred Year Ocean: Glen Dale & Colgate & Deerwalk & Pennsylvania (Bedroom Version) - #
Hey Sunshine: Rot - #
SPACESHIPS: Chatroom - *
Arms Race: Joy Decision - #
Find No Scar: Armed With Tenderness - *
Morfar: The Swan And The Crow - #
Ray Gun Solace: Lunar Orbits - *
Sammy Mellman: Visitor - from "That Bird"
Hello London: At The End Of The World - #
And No Time: Invictus - #
Nomos Amata: Når Alt Sammen Raser Sammen - *
Bloody Tambourine & The Musical Mafia: Founding Fathers - #
Tess Wiley & Eric Clayton: Drunkard's Prayer - *

* - previously unreleased

# - previously only available digitally

KFAI - Undead
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