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Bones Brigade (RIP)

Posted in Rumors on June 25, 2006

Rumors are suggesting that Bones Brigade have broken up. We'll post more once we get an official word.

Gorilla Biscuits Tour / Carnivore Tour

Posted in Rumors on April 23, 2006

Word on the street, and messageboards across the globe, is that both Gorilla Biscuits and Carnivore (Peter Steele of Type O Negative's first band) are planning Summer tours - separately of course. It'll be interesting to see if either of these rumors turn out to be true. Read more

Equal Vision Signs Betrayed

Posted in Rumors on March 18, 2006

Rumor has it that Betrayed will be releasing their new full-length effort on Equal Vision Records. Read more

Champion: To Quit Or Not To Quit?

Posted in Rumors on January 28, 2006

So depending on who you ask, either Champion is breaking up or they are leaving Bridge 9 Records to sign with Equal Vision Records. Or maybe it is both! Time will tell which one is true... Read more

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Eagles Of Death Metal Join Warner Brothers

Posted in Rumors on December 28, 2005

According to sources close to the band, Eagles of Death Metal will team up with Warner Brothers to release their sophomore album Death by Sexy, which is tentatively slated for an April release. Read more

Mental (RIP) ?

Posted in Rumors on December 13, 2005

If you like hardcore and surf messageboards, you've no doubt read about this. Mental has cancelled their remaining tourdates and word on the street is they are calling it quits for good. We'll keep you posted once an official statement is given. Read more

Mars Volta Planning New Records

Posted in Rumors on December 7, 2005

Word on TMV fansite the Comatorium is that The Mars Volta have already started work on new projects. Forum member 'Captain Beefheart' posted: They've already began recording the 3rd record. The drumming is meant to be so so sick... in a literal sense. Jon can't even sustain the stamina during … Read more

Chinese Democracy Finally Getting Released?

Posted in Rumors on August 1, 2005

According to Splat, the long delayed Guns N' Roses album could see a release in November/December of this year. Of course, this album has been rumored for a couple years now, so who knows if it will ever really see a release. Read more

No Warning Dropped?

Posted in Rumors on May 14, 2005

Rumors have been circulating that No Warning have been dropped by Warner Brothers and will be returning to their "hardcore roots." For more info check your favorite hardcore messageboard for all the chatterboxing. Read more

Chappelle Insane?

Posted in Rumors on May 12, 2005

Rumors are circulating that comedian Dave Chappelle has checked himself into "mental health facility." I bet it was all those people repeating "Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat?" and other impersenations made famous in his sketches. Drove the man wacky. Read more

Lollapalooza Back?

Posted in Rumors on March 27, 2005

The Lollapalooza website has been updated with a message to return on April 1st. Cruel joke or a hint of a return - we can only wait and hope. Read more

Black Dahlia Murder Axe Drummer

Posted in Rumors on June 18, 2004

Word on the street has surfaced that BDM drummer Cory has left the band and that the band has already found a replacement for him. The band will be touring with Cannibal Corpse and Severed Savior throughout July. Dates are as follows: Read more July 01st Jacksonville FL - Jack … Read more

Interpol and The Rapture Rumored To Open For The Cure

Posted in Rumors on April 14, 2004

A popular fansite for The Cure, Chain of Flowers has announced news of a possible new Cure tour: (A Lollapalooza/Ozzfest type of tour, with The Cure, Interpol, The Rapture and more bands to be announced later) June/July 2004 - European Festivals July/August 2004 - North America September/October 2004 - Europe … Read more