News Videos SPB video premiere: "Bubblegum" by Yalla Stockings

SPB video premiere: "Bubblegum" by Yalla Stockings

Posted May 2, 2019, 11:31 a.m. in Videos by Loren
SPB video premiere: "Bubblegum" by Yalla Stockings

Yalla Stockings - Young Cut

Yalla Stockings have a brand new video for the song “Bubblegum,” the opening track on last year’s Young Cut album. The band is a solo project from Charlie Jones, a Bloomington, IN transplant originally from the UK. The album uses vocal loops and layered synths with a DIY vibe to tell introspective and personal stories.

Today, SPB is excited to debut “Bubblegum,” directed by Emily Timm.

“It’s a pretty personal song about a toxic relationship that I eventually was able to get myself out of,” Jones says of the track. “As soon as I did leave, I felt independent, and free, and excited to be alone. The last part of the song, ‘Now I dance for me’ -- that feels like the most important part of the song to me,” she explains. “I feel like Emily ended up creating an animated scrap book of my personal memories from a specific chapter in my life.”

“After talking to Charlie about the meaning of some of the lyrics, I felt confident about what imagery and objects I wanted to use to create the stop-motion segments,” Timm adds. “I'm interested in the way that very small, common objects can be imbued with intense emotion and unshakeable nostalgia. As I was working on the animation, Charlie and I broke out the Go Pro to take reference footage for the bike ride scene. That became an animated segment, but I liked the mixed-media look of having filmed segments interspersed with animated ones.”

“The bike scene was something I knew I wanted to include from the beginning because, in my mind, the lyrics which form a string of reflections on a past relationship, are just the sort of thoughts that might come up when you're riding your bike home alone at night.”

Young Cut is available from Let’s Pretend Records.

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