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Barren Womb can hardly be accused of stagnation. Lizard Lounge, the fourth album by this hard working two-man band is again an interesting step further down the road. The band once started with a heavy Refused influenced framework on which they added whatever came to mind. The albums that followed showed slightly more focus, but Barren Womb kept writing songs that are all over the spectrum. That has stayed the same. On their previous album Old Money/New Lows I detected more Helmet influences. That trend seems to continue on Lizard Lounge. Meaning the framework on which other influences are bolted on is an amalgam of Refused and Helmet that is actually just Barren Womb.

As the writing is more focused but still very diverse it is worthwhile to dive into a couple of songs. “Cemetery Slopestyle” wastes no time and blasts through the stereo without any further introduction. This is one and a half minute of pure hardcore punk fury. That chorus is designed for a good mosh, be it in a concert venue or your living room. Sitting still is impossible. “Karma As A Tour Manager” is one of those songs where I get a strong Helmet vibe. As you might imagine, this is an entirely different animal from the previous animal. There is a really cool instrument more in the background with a bit of a metallic sound. I only noticed it when I played the album on proper headphones. I dig it when a band adds details like this.

“Hairy Palms” leans more towards the Refused sound of the spectrum. It has a very danceable vibe. It is an annoyingly catchy track. The kind of track that you hum along later on the day. But then you can’t recognize the exact track and you’ll be wondering how this track got into your head. You know the kind.

Just when you think you get what groove this album is going to settle in “Crop Circle Jerk” starts. This song starts out with a strong Primus vibe. After some build up it seamlessly changes into a stoner/sludge song. This stoner vibe is continued on “Smokes, Let’s Go!” which sounds a bit like Fu Manchu that does not hold back the hardcore influences.

I could continue describing each and every song on this album, but I am a lazy bum and I think you catch my drift on the diversity on this album. There is one thing all bands mentioned have in common: they know a good hook and how to put it to work. Barren Womb has paid attention to that craft and put that knowledge to good use. The production is also worth mentioning. The sound has a very strong live feel to my ears. It leaves enough breathing space to not get tiring on the ears.

If you have paid attention to the track titles you might have the feeling that this band is not taking itself too seriously. I can assure you that the music offered is serious business indeed. If any of the band names mentioned in this review ring a bell this is an album you want to check out.

8.5 / 10Dennis
Shellshag - FUTQ
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8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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