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KFAI - Undead
Antioch Arrow - Gems of Masochism album cover

Antioch Arrow

Gems of Masochism, 2003

7.7 / 10

Weird, artsy, dark hardcore was nothing new to San Diego in 1994 when Antioch Arrow released their seminal masterwork, Gems of Masochism. The presses had been putting out consistently darker ...

Some Girls - The DNA Will Have Its Say album cover

Some Girls

The DNA Will Have Its Say, 2005

7.6 / 10

By now you know who's in Some Girls. The cred they've garnered through their previous bands at this point doesn't mean shit if the songs suck. Luckily for Some Girls, ...

Head Wound City - Head Wound City album cover

Head Wound City

Head Wound City, 2005

8.2 / 10

Let's get the roster out of the way because that usually draws people in like moths to a blowtorch. Jordan Blilie (The Blood Brothers) (Vocals), Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) ...

Jenny Piccolo - Jenny Piccolo album cover

Jenny Piccolo

Jenny Piccolo, 2006

7.4 / 10

Discography CD's are certainly a weird bunch. Bands nowadays don't generally record three or four records like many bands of yore, instead putting out a slew of seven-inches and compilation ...

Holy Molar - Cavity Search album cover

Holy Molar

Cavity Search, 2007

6.5 / 10

I once heard an interview with Justin Pearson (Holy Molar, The Locust, Some Girls) in which he said that a fan of his said the music he made was "smart" ...

Ground Unicorn Horn - Ground Unicorn Horn album cover

Ground Unicorn Horn

Ground Unicorn Horn, 2007

6.0 / 10

Ground Unicorn Horn's self-titled release, which is packaged on a 3" mini-CD, is four minutes long, so I'm going to spend four minutes reviewing it. Three One G Records is ...

The Chinese Stars - Listen to Your Left Brain album cover

The Chinese Stars

Listen to Your Left Brain, 2007

7.8 / 10
Multiple Authors

This is the catchiest Three One G release I have ever heard. Coming from a label that normally specializes in the extreme outer reaches of noise punk, this is practically ...

The Chinese Stars - Listen to Your Left Brain album cover

The Chinese Stars

Listen to Your Left Brain, 2007

7.5 / 10
Multiple Authors

Let's get the ex-members of comparisons out of the way: I loved Arab on Radar. Their assembly line anti-anthems stimulated the same part of my adolescent brain that was dedicated ...

Das Oath - Das Oath album cover

Das Oath

Das Oath, 2007

8.0 / 10

Das Oath - or The Oath as they are often referred - put out records with shemale pornography in the liner notes, prompting record stores to stock their albums behind ...

Satanic Planet - Satanic Planet album cover

Satanic Planet

Satanic Planet, 2021

7.8 / 10

Justin Pearson has a lot of irons in the hellfire. If he isn’t playing with any number of his musical projects - The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox and ...

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