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Third Wave Holocaust
Black Plague (2013)

T.O.M.B., the one man blackened noise project, has been running strong for many years. the is such a consistency within No One's (the nom de plum of the man behind the project) output that the growth from one release to the next may be decieving to many listeners. Now, with the projects' fourth official full length we as listeners can … Read more


Crucial Blast (2012)

T.O.M.B. or Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy has managed to up the stakes of what can qualify as black noise for over 10 years. The group sounds like distorted occultist activities that are taking place within a tomb. So now that we know how truly appropriate their name is one may question how well this record carries said reputation. The record … Read more

Tahiti 80

A Piece of Sunshine
Minty Fresh (2004)

The temperatures across the States are getting higher. Flowers are approaching or at their finest state. The cicadas are dying out both by human consumption and just their natural cycle only to return 17 years in the future. The sun rays gently kiss exposed skin with UV radiation. It's the perfect time of year to put away the disheartening CDs … Read more


There Can Only Be None
Alone (2004)

While to some, hardcore is a type of pornography that involves penetration and giraffes, for others it's a style of music, even a lifestyle. When punk and hardcore were originally birthed, they were fast, radical, aggressive, and socially conscious forms of expression. Twenty-odd years later, punk and hardcore have all but lost their edge. For one, neither is all that … Read more

Taken Under

Silence Your Enemies
High Fidelity (2007)

Tennessee hardcore. I know what you're thinking; you thought everyone from Tennessee that was into music plays country. Well you're wrong. Although, the five gentlemen that comprise Taken Under may also dabble at playing country as a side-gig for all I know. Silence Your Enemies is the band's debut effort and is six songs (one intro and five actual songs) … Read more

Taking Back Sunday

Self Titled
Warner Bros. (2011)

Taking Back Sunday were once the face of the new alternative underground movement often labeled as “emo” but over the last few years they seemed to have lost their footing. After losing pivotal member in Fred Mascherino and releasing the uninspired New Again, an album that met a negative critical reception, many fans including myself gave up on the band … Read more

Taking Back Sunday

Tidal Wave
Hopeless (2016)

Taking Back Sunday accidentally ended up being one of the bands that spearheaded the emo movement that bled into the mainstream in the early noughties, a label that the band aren't entirely comfortable with. More recently, frontman Adam Lazzara got into an argument with the organisers of an LA club night that catered to the nostalgic whims of former emo … Read more

Taking Back Sunday

Where You Want to Be
Victory (2004)

When I started my own zine as a sophomore in highschool (I am now a freshman in college), Victory would send me all their releases to review. Honestly, I stopped reviewing Victory releases because I was tired of making fun of every record I had to review. Although 96% of Victory releases are awful, sometimes, between Freya, Snowdogs, Atreyu, Catch … Read more

Talk is Poison

Condensed Humanity: The Prank EPs
Prank (2007)

At last. A fairly short-lived, late '90s hardcore band, Talk is Poison seemed to stick in the heads of connoisseurs after disbanding, leaving behind a small but dedicated cadre of fans. They produced three records - two EPs and a split with Deathreat - and after many laments about this material going out of print, it's nice to see all … Read more

Talk Me Off

Smartpunk Records (2020)

There’s a lot to like on Cursed, the debut full-length by Richmond, VA’s Talk Me Off. But as much as I enjoy the structures, the vocal tradeoff, and the political urgency, I just can’t get over the vocals on this record. They just feel flat and robotic at key moments, which is ironic for a band named Talk Me Off.This is … Read more

Tall Ships

Truth and Justice (2009)

When you review as many generic melodic hardcore bands as I do, you do whatever you can to try to find things that make one band stand out from another. Believe me, it wasn't easy to as I listened to Voyages. Tall Ships sounds like just another hardcore band going through the motions of being a new school hardcore. They … Read more

Tame Impala

Modular Recordings (2012)

This review is part of my coverage of the 2013 Progressive Music Awards, on 3 September. Australian quintet Tame Impala (whose name I insisted on pronouncing as "TA·may im·PA·la" for the longest damn time) don't seem very eager to fight off the stereotype about bands from down under. (You know, the one that they're all batshit crazy?) And we should … Read more


Justus Ex Fide Vivit
Southern Lord (2007)

So what are we to think of this "pure, unholy black metal from Israel"? Well for starters, taking into consideration their country of origin doesn't mean a whole lot. Whether you're from Israel, South Africa, New Zealand or Paraguay, if you're black metal, you'll probably still sound Norwegian. Originality, you see, isn't one of the tenets of the black. Everyone … Read more


Make Way for the Ocean Floor to Fall to the Surface
Release the Bats (2006)

How many Swedish bands do you listen to? Wouldn't your friends think you're way indie if you told them you're diggin' on this sick Swedish band that produced their album on a laptop? You guessed it, my obscure band-loving friends, Tar...Feathers is straight out of Göteborg, Sweden and yes, they recorded Make Way for the Ocean Floor to Fall to … Read more

Taylor Hawkins

KOTA e.p.
Independent (2016)

CEO of SPB Inc: "No."Me: "why?"CEO of SPB Inc: "Because we don't include EP's on the top 25 year end list. You were aware of this when you signed the contract"Me: "But sir, while the contract does state as such, if the EP in question is one of the best releases of the year, should it not be included?"CEO of … Read more

Team Sleep

Team Sleep
Maverick (2005)

When I was 15, I remember thinking Korn was the greatest band on the face of the earth. I was angry. I was rebellious. I felt alienated just like Jonathan Davis. But in all fairness, Limp Bizkit was a close second. And while bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit refused to change their nu-metal riffs, and their "Are you ready?" … Read more


Postfact (2008)

First EP from this trio that consists of Treiops Treyfid (ex-Pitchblende) on bass and vocals, Aimee Soubier on guitar, and Karl Hill on drums (both recently of The Factory Incident). I'm hearing early PiL, some Peter Murphy, and an overall healthy respect for Manchester post-punk from the dawn of the 80's. "All is Styled" crackles and burns with some cool … Read more

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Hearts of Oak
Lookout! (2003)

I can always tell how much I will spin an album following its first listen. That feeling I had after listening to Hearts of Oak was immeasurable. "The Ballad of the Sin-Eaters" is a song that will instantly make you shake your ass and shout the words even though you don't know them yet because you're listening to it the … Read more