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There is presumably no one this side of the Mississippi that is more stoked than me on hearing the latest offering from the Long Island hardcore outfit Capital. Bands like Capital, Thieves and Assassins, Agent, and even Crime in Stereo have made many of us older hardcore fans forget about recent "Strong Island" emo superstars like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. It's a consistent breath of fresh air to see bands that are in the hardcore scene that actually want to make music that only wants to be admired for what it is without forgetting its roots.

Homefront is thirteen quality blasts of pissed off herky-jerky hardcore that is fueled by frontman Tommy Corrigan's vicious tongue in cheerless diatribes that lambaste everything from plastic surgery to this endless war in Iraq to the American Way. Corrigan is at his vehemently best with tracks like "Mosh Parts" where he once again tears the recent raise of soulless hardcore bands a new asshole. It’s a sentiment that seems to ring even more true as we see an endless parade of child rock stars that preen and pout under a false disguise of them supporting the scene as they eye Warped Tour stages and Soundscan numbers.

Capital sounds like the bitter anger of Black Flag mixed with the tunefulness of Dag Nasty while playing in a basement somewhere in New Brunswick. Forget Homefront just being another melodic hardcore album and strip it down to its foundation of a being great hardcore album, period. Sure, Capital, knows how to write a good hook with clean yet forceful riffs, loud/soft dynamics, and sung vocals. Nevertheless there's an intensity that begs you not to fuck with Capital. Homefront gives me that same feeling of, "Wow this band gets it". Homefront recalls all the great albums on SST and Dischord while wrapped around the whirlwind of a need for speed rhythmic pace coupled with swirling melodies bands like Samiam, The Doughboys, and Shades Apart should of been famous for.

Homefront could be the next classic hardcore album if it is heard by the right ears and those ears belong to you. Buy this album and try to remember the last time you heard something that made you want to slam your fists against the wall, dance a little jig all while wearing the biggest smile on your face. This album is that damn good. Homefront isn't not just one of my favorite album in 2007, it's quite possibly one of the best albums I've heard ever.

9.1 / 10Jason
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9.1 / 10

9.1 / 10

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