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Finally, Tom Corrigan has come back to his roots and fronts Long Island hardcore unit, Capital. I'm sure the name Tom Corrigan isn't the most recognizable name in hardcore but he used to sing in the criminally underrated Long Island outfit, Silent Majority. I don't think there was anyone this side of Ohio more excited than me when I heard he teamed up some of the guys from Thieves and Assassins to form Capital. Color me "stoked."

Capital play intricate melodic punk that Long Island is now famous for because of MTV2 darlings Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, but Capital has their collective feet firmly on the hardcore side of things. Capital wasn't formed to appeal to 15-year-old girls with fake pearls, too much eye makeup, and flip-flops. All nine tracks on Signal Corps have more hooks than Paul Bunyan's tackle box and are twice the size. I dare you to listen to this album without bobbing your head in some sort of up and down fashion.

Lyrically is where Tom really shines. He has always had a way with words since his days with Silent Majority and he hasn't lost any of his edge throughout the years as he tackles subjects like refusing to grow up, media, backstabbers, and even a great LOL moment in "Goth 'N Roll" where Tom says he needs to resurrect Minor Threat to take out all those soulless half-hearted "punk" acts out there that would rather have the number one spot on TRL than have any integrity.

Signal Corps is a great chunk of melodic punk/hardcore done by people that obviously know what they are doing because they all did it so well in the past. I have no major complaints about this record besides it being a little short but then I can just go back and push play if needed. I swear by the end of the month I will have every line memorized on Signal Corps as catch myself singing these songs in the shower. Thank you, Tom for coming back to hardcore.

8.5 / 10Jason
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Iron Pier


8.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

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