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Good Friend
The Erin Rose EP

Red Scare Industries (2020) Dennis

Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP cover artwork
Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP — Red Scare Industries, 2020

And the prize for hardest to search for online bandname goes to Good Friend from Belfast. Nah, just kidding, I can think of harder to find bands. No comes to mind or On. As if they don’t want you to know they exist at all. We are not discussing other bands though, we are gathered here today to discuss the merits of The Erin Rose EP, Good Friends latest release.

This EP is quite tasty really. It reminds me a lot of a Dutch band called The Road Home. That’s a band I consider to be heavily influenced by The Gaslight Anthem, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that is a big inspiration for Good Friend as well. Add to this some emo influences. Think emo from the noughties, Simple Plan for example. It is not something spectacularly new, but it is a highly entertaining mix.

Well, that is true for two out of the three tracks of this EP. Closing song “Rusted Friends” is an almost ballad type song. The thing about this song is that the vocals don’t fit in. The song is way to chill for the slightly gruff approach the band chooses here.

The first two songs are really good though and save this EP. Add to that a hilarious clip and this band seems ready for something big.

7.5 / 10Dennis • February 22, 2021

Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP cover artwork
Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP — Red Scare Industries, 2020

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