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New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates

Posted by Loren on January 9, 2021

New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates
New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates

Irish punks Good Friend have a new EP out now called The Erin Rose EP. Vive le Rock premiered a video already.

Additional label news comes about some 2021 plans, namely new releases from Fleau, an oi/streetpunk band from France, due in March, and a Lillingtons covers EP that may be their last release, according to an email from the label.

The label is also expecting new material from Heart & Lung and The Copyrights later in the year. As a reminder, we streamed the reissue of Heart & Lung's first album. Label honcho Toby shares some similar label news in our annual Pass The Mic feature.

New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates
New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates

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