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Music: Fest 10th anniversary: Fests 7-9 remembered

Recalling specific memories proved difficult with many of the older Fest recollections. However, as we get closer to recent events, the details have been flowing. Talking with Jason Lubrano, singer, for Iron Chic, we asked about venues, personal highlights, and being pitted again other timeslots. In short, we just talked about what it’s like to play the Fest, using #8 (2009) as a reference point.

Iron Chic released Not Like This in 2010.

Iron Chic (Gaelen Harlacher).jpg

Scene Point Blank: Fest 8 was your second Fest, right? As a band, did you prepare differently than for Fest 7?

Jason Lubrano: Yeah, that was our second time down to Fest. Our fist time down for Fest 7 we did a short tour which was also our first time touring as a band—so that was a unique experience in and of itself. We decided to fly straight to Florida for Fest 8 so it was a lot less hectic in general. That year was Dump's first show with us and Rob's first time as an official member of the band. We also booked a hotel that year because we didn’t want to end up sleeping on the floor in someone's garage like we did the year before. In the end they were pretty different experiences altogether.

Scene Point Blank: What were some of your personal highlights from Fest 8, either on stage or as a spectator?

Jason: For me the show itself was the biggest highlight. I think that was the first time a crowd that big really went nuts for us and it was really an awesome thing to be a part of.

Scene Point Blank: Do you have a favorite venue? Again, either for playing or for watching shows?

Jason: I really liked the Kickstand, both for playing and watching bands. It had a nice, big fenced-in yard and, even though the show was inside, you could still see and hear the bands from out there. And there were dollar hotdogs.

The port-a-potties could get pretty gnarly though. I was sad to see it go.

Scene Point Blank: It looks like you’re up against Smoke or Fire this year. Have you developed any rivalries with bands that play at the same time as you?

Jason: Nah, rivalries are for sports teams and I fucking hate sports.

Scene Point Blank: On the day of your show, do you try to stick to the venue where you’ll be playing, or do you hit up other stages the same as you would if you weren’t playing?

Jason: The first two years we played at The Kickstand, which was a little further away from most of the other venues so we were pretty lazy about it mostly hung out there.

Last year we were at Common Grounds and we played really early, so we pretty much had the whole day to do whatever. I remember spending a good part of that day wandering around in a haze but I'm sure I managed to find my way into another venue or two at some point.

Scene Point Blank: Are there any bands you’re especially stoked to be sharing a stage with this year?

Jason: I missed Armalite the last time they played Fest so I'm pretty stoked to get a chance to watch them, and it's always an honor to play with any of Todd C's bands. It's also awesome to be able to play with a bunch of our good friends on the same show.

Iron Chic 2 (Gaelen Harlacher).jpg

Scene Point Blank: To switch gears a bit, will the '08 Demo ever be re-released on vinyl?

Jason: I don't think we have any plans to re-release it at the moment, but we'll probably consider it at some point.

Scene Point Blank: How did the split with Pacer come about?

Jason: All In Vinyl asked us to be a part of their split series and they actually paired the bands up. We were supposed to be on the first series and I think we would have been paired with Calvinball, but we have a hard time getting our shit together sometimes so we ended up getting paired with Pacer on the second series—which was cool because we had actually gotten to play with them before.

Scene Point Blank: Your lyrics are heavy on the movie references. Will we see more on the next album?

Jason: I love movies and love to repeat things that I hear on TV and movies, like an idiot, constantly. Phil and I have a bond in our mutual love for Ghostbusters. I'm still an idiot so you will probably see more of them.

Scene Point Blank: Do you have a favorite song to cover?

Jason: ”Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog was probably the most fun cover we ever did. But we need extra guitar players and singers to pull it off, so we never did it again.

Scene Point Blank: Why don’t you tour on the West Coast very often?

Jason: It's hard for us to tour in general. Everyone besides Dumps and I have full time jobs with limited vacation time; Rob has a daughter; and we don't have a van. So far we've made it to California for Awesome Fest but are trying to make a point to tour the west coast as soon as possible.

Words: Loren and Aaron
Photography: Gaelen Harlacher

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Words by Loren on Oct. 25, 2011, 6:40 a.m.

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