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Scatenato Ma Non Troppo #3

Regular Columns / Scatenato Ma Non Troppo • June 22, 2021

At the midpoint of 2021, a year which has thus far brought both hopeful and more troubling signs for humanity, I’ve put together another batch of offbeat submissions sent in to Scene Point Blank. On to the weird, the wacky, the wonderful! Vitamin – Recordings 1981 I think the first time I really got exposed to so-called “no wave” music was back in the early 2000s when I picked up a couple of DVD releases of NYC transgressive cinema. These films, by the likes of R. Kern and Nick Zedd, featured an assault of disturbing imagery and manic visuals, usually alongside noisy, discordant, frequently just broken sounding music of a sort I had never experienced before. As time went on, I discovered more of what the genre had to offer, and have always looked forward to seeing what kind of stuff gets rediscovered with time. Needless to say, when I heard about a compilation of tracks from Boston four-piece Vitamin, a band which existed from about 1979 to ‘83, I was immediately intrigued. Tinny guitar and shrieky violin (which speak to the level of “anything goes” that used to be the norm in “art punk”) placed over thunderous, pulsing bass that sounds sometimes like a plane engine readying for takeoff. And then there’s the snotty and atonal vocals. I don’t know what I’d expect teenagers to be producing in the late early ‘80s, but this probably ain’t it. Or maybe it is. It sounds like this band is positively having … Read more

Get In The Van Dummy, We're Going Surfing!

Regular Columns / Running on Nothing • June 7, 2021

I was in a band called The Lippies. I say "was" because we just broke up. Again. Hahahahaha! When we formed, we never had any intention of truly being anything … Read more

It's Only Illegal if You Get Caught

Regular Columns / Running on Nothing • April 18, 2021

About a year ago, we found ourselves in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Out of boredom, I did a livestream on my social media where I did a joke … Read more

Guest Column: The Lippies - Uncanny Indeed

Regular Columns / Running on Nothing • February 21, 2021

Welcome to Running on Nothing, the latest addition to our stable of columns at Scene Point Blank. Running on Nothing offers a look at the world through the eyes of … Read more

Scatenato Ma Non Troppo #2

Regular Columns / Scatenato Ma Non Troppo • February 21, 2021

Well, the train wreck of 2020 is in the rearview, but I’ve collected another selection of submissions that Scene Point Blank received in the past year or so that were … Read more

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Browse all 71 features in this category

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  • Against Orthodoxy

    A regular series by Robert F.

  • Beyond Casual Observation

    A wide-ranging guest column written by BJ from Ancient Shores, mainly covering film but extending into philosophy and aesthetics too. Check out BJ's work on the A389 podcast.

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job

    How an artist spends their time by day will influence the creative process at night. In Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Scene Point Blank looks at how musicians split their time, and how their careers influence their music – or, alternately &ndash

  • era vulgaris

    Guest column by T of Vegas

  • Feast with the Famine

    A cookery column by Nick, vocalist with metal band The Famine. Veggie/vegan friendly!

  • Fest 11

    A roundup of coverage of the annual punk rock festival held in Gainesville, Florida

  • Fest 12

    Our annual roundup from Gainesville, FL's famous Fest.

  • Fest 13

    SPB's coverage of the annual festival in Gainesville, Florida.

  • Fest 16

    Our coverage of the annual Fest extravaganza.

  • Only Death Is Real

    There’s so much music released, whether physically or digitally, that keeping up with what’s going on becomes almost like a full time job. With Only Death Is Real, the aim is to bring you something new.

  • Remember that one time...?

    A life lived and lessons learned by Eddie Spaghetti of Supersuckers.

  • Running on Nothing

    Welcome to Running on Nothing, the latest addition to our stable of columns at Scene Point Blank. Running on Nothing offers a look at the world through the eyes of Kole, bassist of The Lippies, who have been working on a new LP for Red Scare Industries

  • Scatenato Ma Non Troppo

    We survey some of the other music releases out there.  Results may vary...may get weird, but hopefully something covered here piques your interest.

  • Scene Point Local

    A semi-regular column where we choose a specific area and give a local scene report.

  • Table Talk

    Discussing the state of the music business at the kitchen table

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told

    A brief but englightening chat with an artist who reveals an interesting or unexpected story from their career

  • The Set List

    A collection of items grouped by topic, eg. "Top 5 Worst Beatles Songs" or "Top 10 best '77 punk releases".

  • What's That Noise?

    One-question interviews with artists where we find out about the gear and equipment they use to achieve their sound.

  • Year End 2012

    A collection of coverage rounding up the year 2012, covering our favorite albums, shows, bands, and more, as well as asking record labels and bands about their past twelve months in music

  • Year End 2013

    It's the end of 2013, so here's our best-of roundup for the last twelve months.

  • Year End 2014

    Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2014.

  • Year End 2015

    Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2015.

  • Year End 2016

    Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2016.

  • Year End 2017

    Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2017.  

  • Year End 2018

    Our summary of the best music (and more) of 2018.

  • Year End 2019

    Our wrap-up of the best music and more from 2019

  • Year End 2020

    Our wrap-up of the best music and more for the year we'll all want to otherwise forget, 2020.

More recent features — Regular Columns

Scatenato Ma Non Troppo #1

Regular Columns / Scatenato Ma Non Troppo • September 7, 2020

Each and every week, Scene Point Blank receives hundreds (and hundreds) of submissions for possible coverage. Some of these are really cool (Beck’s collaboration with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab), some of them are kind of odd (a one man metal group from Zimbabwe offering up covers of Haddaway’s “What is Love” and Toto’s “Africa”), but many of them are … Read more

Only Death Is Real #5

Regular Columns / Only Death Is Real • January 27, 2020

Welcome to the first Only Death Is Real of 2020, which this time features music from all corners of the earth. The column is a little shorter than usual this time as a few releases are yet to be fully available on bandcamp at the time of writing and including links to purchase the music is an important part of … Read more

Only Death Is Real #4

Regular Columns / Only Death Is Real • November 12, 2019

Choosing five releases for Only Death Is Real gets harder with each iteration and this fourth column was no different. The list grew greater each time I heard something great but I chose five releases in each column so far and I’m not one to break my own arbitrary rules. Here, then, are five incredible releases that are worth your … Read more

The creative process in the aural sphere

Regular Columns / Beyond Casual Observation • October 28, 2019

In this installment of Beyond Casual Observation the moving picture becomes a partner with technological advancements and forges an enduring storytelling medium. Filmmaking is a conversation. A conversation between the viewer and the filmmaker. A conversation between characters. Among the elements that a filmmaker uses to communicate information with the viewer might be detail in the physical set, control of … Read more

Only Death Is Real #3

Regular Columns / Only Death Is Real • August 27, 2019

The third iteration of Only Death Is Real is perhaps its darkest yet. Oppressive black metal and frozen winds all feature with the common thread being that the music here has all been released independently or by the artists themselves. Dive in but don't forget to come up for air. Corridoré - Corridoré (Self-released) Basing lyrics on already famous literary … Read more

Meeting Moose (Howardian)

Regular Columns • July 2, 2019

Scene Point Blank’s latest column is more than a column about life as a musician. Yes, it is that, but we’re also debuting two new videos from Howardian – for the songs “Move Yer Butt” and “On My Honor.” Rather than use a feature as a pretext for a link that sends you to buy their album, we let the … Read more

Hip-Hop vs Punk

Regular Columns / era vulgaris • May 26, 2019

Hmmm, anti-authoritarian views and addressing social concerns and issues related to the government and public affairs? Tick! DIY ethic? Tick! Attire that deliberately deviates from society’s norms? Tick! Rebellion against watered down arena rock and disco? Having started off as a subculture that eventually became absorbed by the mainstream? So far for the commonalities. Musically, differences are obvious, however, it … Read more

Guest Column: Lamniformes - Sisyphean Director's Commentary

Regular Columns • May 11, 2019

Released this March on Furious Hooves, Lamniformes’  Sisyphean is equal parts post-metal soundscape exploration and emotional, striving indie rock. The project is spearheaded by Ian Cory (Gabby’s World, Bellows) but it’s much more than a single person’s artistic vision. Cory composed the material and then recruited friends from Chicago and Brooklyn to flesh it out as a true collective.SPB caught up with … Read more

Only Death Is Real #2

Regular Columns / Only Death Is Real • April 20, 2019

Welcome to the second instalment of Only Death Is Real. This time round we swing from power electronics to decaying cosmic black metal, giving equal coverage to EPs, full-lengths and splits. Click on the title and you’ll find yourself on the relevant Bandcamp page. Axebreaker - Brutality in Stone (Self-released/Phage Tapes) Locrian's Terence Hannum formed Axebreaker a couple of years … Read more

Guest Column: Nick Soulsby - "Let the Sun Come in"

Regular Columns • March 16, 2019

Swans Defy Music’s Law of Diminishing Returns Author Nick Soulsby picks nine highlights from the band’s extensive catalog. “When…When we were young. We had no history, so nothing to lose. Meant we could choose, choose what we wanted then, without any fear or thought of revenge. But then you grew old and I lost my ambition…” "God Damn The Sun” – Swans … Read more

Guest Column: Knaaves - "The Road To Return, The Path Of Forgiveness"

Regular Columns • March 2, 2019

Amanda Daniels is a Milwaukee-based musician and dedicated vegan. She has had the opportunity to tour the United States, Europe, and Australia as a member of the now defunct metallic hardcore band Enabler. Her bass playing can be heard on Enabler's All Hail The Void, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, and various other EPs, as well as playing with her new band … Read more

John Morgan Askew on production, engineering and composing

Regular Columns / Beyond Casual Observation • January 27, 2019

In the previous installment of Beyond Casual Observation, we visited with three films to briefly illustrate the pleasant entanglement of music and storytelling in cinema. By looking at three different films from different eras, we attempted to express the resonant value of sound in film. I have always been fascinated and invigorated by the idea of film scores and ambience … Read more

Subverting Authority

Regular Columns / Against Orthodoxy • December 22, 2018

With startling revelations our systems of authority are thought to be illegitimate, God dies, and the state cannot be justified. The burden of life is too great as our knowledge of suffering increases, to the point where our beliefs crumble and our gods buckle. Beings as a whole take precedent over Being. Democracy aims at the citizens’ first, rulers subject … Read more

Soundtrack in film

Regular Columns / Beyond Casual Observation • September 30, 2018

Thanks to insight from professionals in the field, and the freedom to explore the use of sound in film, Beyond Casual Observation has featured a broad look at the functions of a soundtrack in film. Soundtracks are defined literally as the track of all sounds, and more commonly as a collection consisting of songs, scored and/or western form, for example--possibly … Read more

Musings on the need to be ...

Regular Columns / era vulgaris • September 9, 2018

Afterimages Wreckages of the pastEternally damned to repeat it.Exploded views incinerated by the electricity of truthPierced by the arrow of time keeping everything from happening at onceWhile the tombstone is still blank, the chisel is already poised.Distraction and temporary relief running through the bottomless vessel of inherited emptinessTrite maxims of unconscious discontent encased in flesh to become universal lawAmending the inner … Read more