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Words: Loren • November 29, 2013


Roo Pescod (Bangers, solo)

SPB: What is the secret to a successful tour?

Pescod: If there is one golden secret to a successful tour I don't know what it is. However I have been on some excellent ones, and I'll tell you about something which has saved my sanity through some seriously bad times. My “realm” started out as a joke about the backseat in the van which I always sat in. It was great for me because I can't navigate and everyone squirms when I drive. So I had various little spaces around it which I would fill with useful things for the journey. I had a few books tucked into the seats, a spare pair of shoes underneath, coins from different currencies, water bottles, and my Gameboy Advance. It meant that I never had to ask anyone to pass me my bag (which annoys EVERYBODY) and I could basically zone out and amuse myself for those long journeys. I generally play Pokemon on tour because it's fairly mindless and repetitive and soaks up time like you wouldn't believe. It's also something you can focus on when you have a raging hangover, and you don't get much worse at it when you're drunk. The point of all of this is that when I get into a van for another 6-hour spine-crushing drive, more than anything I want something to take my mind off it. My realm has evolved now to be a little bag which I keep tucked under the seat. Now when I sit elsewhere I take it with me and I know I'll have little things like headphones, mints, and various kinds of entertainment on hand without disturbing anybody else.

The rest of my band thinks it's stupid that I have a van bag, but I never lose anything and I never have to ask anyone to sift through my dirty pants to grab my iPhone charger. I think it's beneficial to everyone and I would heartily recommend it.

Loren • November 29, 2013


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