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Roselyn's "For The War"

Posted in MP3s on May 1, 2021

Playing hardcore with melodic flourishs, Denmark's Roselyn are back with a new single in preparation for their upcoming LP, Alive at Zero.

“We live in turbulent times where meaning is in short supply. This song is a search of hope in the midst of a world where change is the only constant. Ultimately, the song is a cry for meaning, human worth and hope”, vocalist Ebbe Ryberg says of "For the War," shared below.

Alive at Zero is the band's first full-length and follows two previous EPs. It will be released on Sept. 3 via Prime Collective, though the lead single is now on all major streaming services.

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Wanderer's first full-length in June

Posted in Records on May 1, 2021

On June 18, Entelodon Records will release the debut full-length album from Wanderer, Liberation From A Brutalist Existence Debut on vinyl. Having formed in 2013, the Minneapolis, MN band has four previous EPs and plays d-beat inspired hardcore/grind. The band added new vocalist Dan Lee in 2019 and shoon entered the … Read more

Hyunhye Seo (Xiu Xiu) solo debut

Posted in Records on May 1, 2021

Hyunhe Seo, also known as Angela Seo, of Xiu Xiu will release her debut solo record in late spring. Coming on June 11 on digital platforms and a limited cassette release, the record is called Strands and features two movements, split into sides on the physical cassette release. Featuring a blend … Read more

Pig Destroyer: Live in NYC

Posted in Records on May 1, 2021

If there's one common thing most Scene Point Blank readers are missing right now, it's live music. While there is no replication for a live event, we are seeing plenty of recently live records and Pig Destroyer will soon add Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC to that list. Available on … Read more

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A new Moral Pleasures EP

Posted in Records on May 1, 2021

Moral Pleasures will release a second EP, Sleepy Songs for Dying Lovers on June 11. The band, featuring Ryan McKinley of Pkew Pkew Pkew is a different style from his other more narrative party punk group. With Moral Pleasures, the Alberta musician takes a turn at dream pop with sweeping, detailed … Read more

Post-rock Gammaglimt shares new single

Posted in Bands on May 1, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark instrumental trio Gammaglimt has shared their debut single, "Fear of the Light." While a new band, its members have played together extensively in recent history prior to forming this project, which is a musical/visual project directly inspired by "gammaglimt," defined as the massive gamma ray outbursts exploding from dying stars. … Read more

Roman Lions' "Small Moments"

Posted in Videos on May 1, 2021

Roman Lions, a post-hardcore band from San Jose, CA featuring former members of A Perfect Kiss, I Am Empire, and Octaves, has shared a new single called "Small Moments."  The band previously released Absolutes in 2018, and recorded its followup through 2020 -- which are are unveiling in pieces now. Formed by … Read more

Mannequin Pussy Release "Perfect" New Single

Posted in MP3s on April 28, 2021

Mannequin Pussy have released the video for their new title track, "Perfect." Their new EP, Perfect, will be released May 21st via Epitaph Records. You can pre-order HERE. Check out the Romy and Michele's High School Reunion-inspired music video below. Missy(Guitars/Vocals/Keys) on the inspiration for the track: Last year, I … Read more

New Mountain Goats Album Out June 25th

Posted in Records on April 27, 2021

Lofi indie rock legends The Mountain Goats recorded back-to-back albums at storied Southern studios, starting with last year’s Getting Into Knives at Memphis’ Sam Phillips Recording. The band is now releasing the other project, Dark in Here, recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama that’s been home to Aretha … Read more

A special Nadja release

Posted in Videos on April 25, 2021

Nadja has a new record, Luminous Rot, out next month. While they've already shared the title track for that, the group also unveiled special foots at Roadburn Redux a week ago that's now available to the general public. Titled "Seemannsgarn," the footage is 41-minutes in length and was recorded at The … Read more

A Lovelorn debut (ex-Creepoid)

Posted in Records on April 25, 2021

Anna and Patrick Troxell have announced their newest project and the imminent release of its debut album, What's Yr Damage, which contains 10 new songs and hits listeners on August 6 through 6131 Records. While bearing notable sonic connections from Creepoid, the new project (its name a nod to the … Read more

An All Hallowed e-performance

Posted in Shows on April 25, 2021

Bakc in January, SPB had the honor to debut "Kill," a new track from Dayton, OH dance punks All Hallowed. The band has seince released their debut EP (Friend Club Records) and is now prepping for a livestream performance from Sound Valley's Encore Live Room at 8pm EST on April … Read more

Wire for Record Store Day

Posted in Records on April 25, 2021

Wire will issue a deluxe edition of PF456 this Record Store Day, June 12, 2021. As the press release notes: PF456 REDUX was released in 2002, comprised of tracks from the two Read & Burn EPs, plus the album Send, all of which were edited in length to accommodate the vinyl … Read more

Ska and Reggae in America: the book

Posted in Music News on April 25, 2021

A new book titled Ska Boom! An American Ska & Reggae Oral History will be available on July 4, 2021. Authored by Marc Wasserman and to publishi via DiWulf Publishing House, the book collects anecdotes and history from The Shakers to The Specials to 3rd Wave ska in the 1990s in more … Read more

Jeff Rosenstock's Ska Dream

Posted in Records on April 24, 2021

At this point, I'm not sure if it's really surprising when Jeff Rosenstock releases a "surprise album," as he has a few under his belt. All commentary asside, the prolific ex-Bomb The Music Industry! musician continues to delight fans with new music, which is the important detail here. Earlier this … Read more

The Mistons in May

Posted in Records on April 24, 2021

On May 21 The Mistons will give of World of Convenience..., a new album form the Portland, OR duo. But first we get a teaser single called "High Water Style" (below). Rather than dive deep into the duo's background, let's just share the tune this time: Read more World Of … Read more

Solo Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)

Posted in Bands on April 24, 2021

Chris DeMakes, vocalist of Less Than Jake, has shared a new single and related 7" for the song "Never Surrender." Besides an exclusive 7", the song appears on DeMakes' new solo record that accompanies his book, Blast From The Past -- a photograph collection from his years of touring with the long-running … Read more

cleopatrick asks users to drive the van with new single and game

Posted in Bands on April 24, 2021

Comprised of Luke Gruntz (guitar/vocals) and Ian Fraser (drums), cleopatrick has shared a single for the song "Family Van," the lead single for their upcoming debut album, Bummer. The two members are life-long friends who grew up in a small Ontario town. The two started making music, and here we … Read more

Mr. Bungle's livestream/dvd

Posted in Videos on April 24, 2021

On Halloween 2020, Mr. Bungle hosted a streaming special called “The Night They Came Home,” a chance to share the out-of-hiatus group's new take on their album, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, which reimagines some of their earliest songs (with a new lineup as well). The livestream was roughly … Read more

New from Big | Brave

Posted in Records on April 24, 2021

Big | Brave released Vital yesterday, sharing a video for "Of This Ilk" to kick off the release on cd and digital formats (vinyl is still to come, on July 9, through Southern Lord). The video, which first premiered at Roadburn Redux last weekend, is described by vocalist Robin Wattie: This … Read more