News Bands 1QI: Lipstick Homicide, Iron Lung, Asshole Parade, Broadway Calls

1QI: Lipstick Homicide, Iron Lung, Asshole Parade, Broadway Calls

Posted March 10, 2015, 11:29 a.m. in Bands by Cheryl
1QI: Lipstick Homicide, Iron Lung, Asshole Parade, Broadway Calls

Welcome to our almost daily quickie Q&A feature: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Okay, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week.

After our social media followers get the first word, we post a wrap-up here at the site and archive 'em here. This week check out Q&As with Lipstick Homicide, Iron Lung, Asshole Parade and Broadway Calls.  

Rachel (Lipstick Homicide – bass/vocals)

SPB: Was the acoustic set a Fest 13 a one-time thing or do you sometimes perform acoustic around Iowa?

Rachel: We have done acoustic sets before and Kate plays solo acoustic shows all the time, but that was the first time we've performed acoustically together for several years and most of the songs we played we had never played acoustic at a show before. It was a lot of fun! 

Jensen (Iron Lung)

SPB: What is the strangest interaction you’ve had with a (super) fan?

Jensen: The first time he showed up was only mildly weird. Kind of cool, actually.

He flew all the way to San Francisco from Florida for one show, rolled into the club with a giant backpack on straight from the airport. He went completely bananas when we played, jumping higher, and yelling louder than anyone before (or since). After that we introduced ourselves, he bought some merch and then he got a taxi back to the airport after the show. This was 2001 or so.

Over the years he has randomly showed up to various cities and countries: New York, Philly, Seattle, Munich, New Orleans, Toronto, and more. He came to Kortrijk when we played there, stayed for a day and flew home. At first we thought he worked for an airline or something like that. Nope, he just buys tickets and shows up. Did I mention that when he does decide to stay for the night he ends up staying with us wherever we sleep?

We've discovered that when he drinks and smokes weed in a night he will definitely piss the bed, couch, whatever. So we know that when he shows up he will be a handful but it will be so fun and crazy. He parties like a teen in heat. He has a speech pattern that is unique to say the least. Drinks are not drinks they are slurps, food is chomps, etc. He rapid fires non-sequiters that will get you every time. "Doooods, I am having such a blast; you guys are the shit; fuck these crowd wimps; is there weed anywhere?; I am wearing Depends; this shirt collar is not tight enough; I have blood in my BM."  

He moves around a lot and mainly works in academia. Never seems to stay put for any length of time. He will be not pinned down. Real freedom. A true punk freak. We know all this sounds like too much but he balances all this with a warmth, charisma, and generosity that is unmatched in any other human. He goes to Christmas with our families. He drives with us on tours sometimes. Hell, he is even moving to Seattle to be closer to us pretty soon. We will definitely benefit from having him around, always have.

We might also be killed in our sleep and have our face skin worn like masks. Either way, he is a strange trip and I like those the best.  

Matt Sweeting (Asshole Parade, No Idea Records)

SPB: What’s the last record you didn’t care for on first listen but has since grown on you?

Matt: Here's two answers (and this happens to me constantly by the way falling in and out of love with records).

Veronica Falls - s/t LP (Slumberland)

So first off, I buy and own a ton of records. That being said, I'm pretty picky about who I listen to about new stuff, I mean really listen to. I hear/read shit all day about so and so and how great they are at blah blah blah... but I do have a few friends that when they say, “Buy this,” or “Man, I love this,” I usually try and do it.

This record was one of those. One of my friends in the UK that works at Rough Trade told me that he was in love with this band—like borderline stalking them. At the time they only had a few singles, but he was all about them. He even harassed them into singing on his band’s record. So when I saw that they were putting out an LP I ordered it. When I first put it on it was pleasant enough, but it didn't grab me. It kinda sounded like guitar pop that I heard a lot of in the ‘90s so after a few spins I put it away. Last year I came across it again after quite some time and thought, "Hey that’s that band," so I threw it on. I don't know if it aged well or I was just in the mood, but I was hooked. The songs sounded lush and full and the record was brimming with a really cool energy. I know they put out a second one but I'm kinda sacred to buy it ‘cause I don't want to taint how good the first one is. It’s still in heavy rotation…It’s like sunshine on a rainy day, just about perfect.

Endless Blockade - Turn Illness into Weapons LP (Super-Fi Records) 

I used to tour a bunch and when you are on tour one usually amasses a bunch of new stuff. Whether it’s ‘cause you are traveling to all these new cities with new stores you haven't plundered or because you make friends with the bands you play with, there is always a box to open at the end. Invariably there is too much to listen all at once so things get left behind. I play in a thrash/grind band that always plays with tons of other thrash/grind bands, so I always get a bunch of those kind of records--wanted or not. Luckily, I work at No Idea and can drop unwanted ones into orders--you know freebies. Anyway, we played with this band in Germany.and I actually know one of the guys pretty well from his previous band. At the time he asked me, “Do you really want one or are you just being nice?” I said, “No, no I want it…but I didn't.” Live they were ripping but I wasn't sure it would translate and when I first opened the box after that tour, I listened to it once but I think I was doing other shit. I filed it on “eh” shelf.

Man was I wrong. I was doing a radio show for a while and needed records constantly so I was pulling shit out that I didn't listen to all the time at home or work. I was doing a grind show and found this record…Well, after the first song I ended up letting the whole side play. Fucking captivating. This kind of music is real easy to be bad at so, when you find a good one, watch out: this bad boy will tear you up. Thanks Andy. I did want it…just 4 or 5 years later, you know.

Ty Vaughn (Broadway Calls) 

SPB: What band has the best logo of all time?

Ty: The Ramones. I'm biased for two reasons. 1) I love this band and always will. 2) I met and hung out with Arturo Vega for the summer of 2008 while we were on Warped Tour together. He was a fascinating guy with amazing stories, and he ripped off the presidential seal to represent the Ramones as the all American band. Which they are. 


VEGAS - Not Ever banner
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