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Mike Watt's book gets ebook addendum

Posted Aug. 3, 2015, 9:02 p.m.

Mike Watt (the minutemen, The Stooges, firehose) has released an extended ebook version of his Mike Watt: On and Off Bass book released previously in 2012. The new version includes an addendum with additional perception about life on the road.

The ebook will publish on August 4. All Three Rooms Press is handling the release.

Miley Cyrus collaborates with Laura Jane Grace

Posted May 5, 2015, 11:17 a.m.
Miley Cyrus collaborates with Laura Jane Grace

Ryan Russell

Miley Cyrus has launched The Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit to raise awareness of homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations. The organization will feature exclusive musical collaborations with artists including Joan Jett, Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), and more. Each session features a video filmed in Cyrus' backyard, along with a prominent "donate" button.

A video featuring Jett is current streaming at the site.

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Music News April 9: Riot Grrrl Day in Boston

Posted April 9, 2015, 12:50 p.m.

April 9: Riot Grrrl Day in Boston

Shervin Lainez

With Kathleen Hanna (The Julie Ruin, Bikini Kill) scheduled to play in Boston at the Wilbur Theatre, Boston mayor Marty Walsh has proclaimed April 9 as “Riot Grrrl Day.” Stereogum has the details here. The ...

Music News Charity test press auction

Posted March 13, 2015, 8:48 a.m.

Charity test press auction

Castle Face, Famous Class, and In The Red are working together on an eBay auction of rare test press releases to raise money for two different charities: Pathway Recuperative Care (Castle Face), focused on Los ...

Music News Drag City releasing book of Louisville punk flyers

Posted March 12, 2015, 4:26 p.m.

Drag City releasing book of Louisville punk flyers

On April 21, Drag City will be publishing a new book titled Staples and Glue: White Glove Test, a collection of Louisville, KY area punk flyers from 1978-1994. The book collects over 700 flyers and ...

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Music News Federal agency may reopen investigation into Buddy Holly plane crash

Posted March 5, 2015, 11:34 a.m. in Music News by Loren

The National Transportation Safety Board is considering a petition to reopen investigation into the Feb. 3, 1959 plane crash in Clear Lake, IA that killed ...

Source: Globe Gazette

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Music News New book on Lookout Records' history

Posted Feb. 12, 2015, 12:39 p.m. in Music News by Loren

New book on Lookout Records' history

Microcosm Publishing has released Punk USA - The Rise and Fall of Lookout Records. The book is a historical look at the influential California label that ...

CHAPTERS:1. Laytonville, The Lookouts and the early days2. Chris Appelgren3. Stikky, Plaid Retina and Sewer Trout4. .Mordam Records, Yeastie Girlz5. Operation Ivy, The Thing That Ate Floyd6. Green Day, The Lookouts and David Hayes8. Livermore, Appelgren and Hynes9. Fifteen, Green Day and Al Sobrante11. The Shit Split and Can of Pork12. Kerplunk, Backwater Boys and a 5th13. 1991 : The year of the Weasel14. New romances, New bands, New Classics15. The Queers, Queercore, & the new Lookout16. The pre punk explosion, label departures17. Green Day Leaves, Lookout Expands20. Weasel Vs Vapid21. Larry's new band, Downfall, Sweet Baby23. Cathy Bauer & the MTX Starship24. The Riverdales & other new arrivals27. Weasel Vs Livermore, Lookout Record Store, The Smugglers and the Queers hit Japan28. Furious George VS Lookout, Music Videos29. Larry leaves, Ernst VS Green Day.30. Samplers and the revenge of Furious George32. The Donnas, 10 Year Anniversary34. Lookout's 'Nero' and a Queers Casualty.35. The Avengers, The Donna's get skintight 37. Disappointments, Departures and divorces38. Panic Button cashes out

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Music News Fat Mike's musical theatre: Home Street Home

Posted Jan. 26, 2015, 12:46 p.m. in Music News by Loren

Fat Mike's musical theatre: Home Street Home

Fat Mike of NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords has announced a concept album titled Home Street Home, which will precede a full-stage production of the ...

Music News Live Nation acquires C3 Presents:

Posted Jan. 7, 2015, 11:27 a.m. in Music News by Loren

Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that Live Nation has acquired shares in C3 Presents, the company behind Austin City Limits music festival, Lollapalooza, several other large ...

Music News Pixies' Joey Santiago, actor

Posted Dec. 7, 2014, 4:33 p.m. in Music News by Loren

Pixies' Joey Santiago, actor

Joey santiago, guitarist in the Pixies, will be acting in an upcoming independent film titled The Bridge. The film follows a small town music prodigy ...

Music News Aggronautix selling 5th anniversary print

Posted Nov. 23, 2014, 10:26 a.m. in Music News by Loren

Aggronautix selling 5th anniversary print

Chris Hamer

Aggronautix, makers of Throbbleads from GG Allin, Milo, Captain Sensible, and many more, is marking their 5th anniversary by selling a unique poster that features ...

Music News Book combines 1940s-1950s prisons and music

Posted Nov. 21, 2014, 8:22 p.m. in Music News by Loren

Book combines 1940s-1950s prisons and music

A new book/CD package titled Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings was released earlier this month on Dust-to-Digital. The project includes a 124-page hardcover ...

DISC 1: 1947-'48 Work Songs and Hollers
1. Jimpson and Group - "Murderer's Home"
2. 88 and Group - "Rosie" *
3. 22 and Group - "It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad"
4. 88 - "Whoa Buck"
5. Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22, and Little Red - "When I Went to Leland"
6. Buzzard and group - "I'm Going to Memphis"
7. 22 and Group - "The Prettiest Train I Ever Saw"
8. 22 and Group - "John Henry"
9. Dan Barnes and Group - "John Old Alabama"
10. Foots - "Hollers"
11. Dobie Red and Group - "Stewball"
12. Bama - "Levee Camp Hollers"
13. Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22 and Little Red - "Early In the Morning"
14. Dobie Red and Group - "I Got A Bulldog (Well I Wonder)"
15. 22 and Group - "Dollar Mamie"
16. Bama - "Stackalee"
17. Dan Barnes and group - "I Don't Want No Jet Black Woman" *
18. Bull, Foots and Dobie Red - "Did You Hear About Louella Wallace"
19. Tangle Eye - "Tangle Eye's Blues"
20. 22 and Group - "Rosie"
21. Bama - "I'm Going Home"
22. Jimpson and Group - "No More My Lord"
23. Unidentified Group - "The Weather Get Warm" *
Disc 2: 1947-'48 Blues / 1959 Work Songs and Hollers
1. Floyd Batts - "Lucky Song"
2. Clarence Alexander - "Disability Boogie Woogie"
3. John Edwards and Group - "Berta" *
4. Clyde Jones and Group - "Poor Lazarus" *
5. John Dudley - "Cool Drink of Water Blues"
6. Ed Lewis - "Levee Camp Holler / Interview"
7. Ed Lewis and Group - "Black Gal"
8. Bama - "I Don't Want You Baby" *
9. Grover Wells and Group - "Rosie" *
10. Bridges Lee Cole - "Hollers"
11. John Dudley - "You Got a Mean Disposition"
12. John Dudley - "Big Road Blues"
13. Ervin Webb and Group - "I'm Going Home"
14. George Golden and Group - "Berta" *
15. Grover Wells - "Up the River" *
16. Clarence Alexander - "Prison Blues"
17. Johnny Lee Moore, Ed Lewis, James Carter, and Henry Mason - "Tom Devil"
18. Willie Washington - "My Jack Don't Drink No Water" *
19. Leroy Campbell and Yancey - "Sometimes I Wonder"
20. Henry Ratcliff - "Look for Me In Louisiana"
21. Heuston Earms - "Ain't Been Able to Get Home No More" *
*Previously unreleased.

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