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The Power of the Riff IV in LA

Posted by Loren on June 27, 2013

The Power of the Riff IV in LA
The Power of the Riff IV in LA

The fourth annual Power of the Riff festival has been confirmed for Los Angeles on Aug. 9-10 at The Echo and The Echoplex. The two-day even will include 26 bands, including MDC, Black Breath, The Obsessed, From Ashes Rise, Wartorn, Territory, and more.

A full list is included after the jump.


The Obsessed
Final Conflict
From Ashes Rise
Black Breath
Iron Lung
Early Graves
Mammoth Grinder
Bastard Noise
Dead In The Dirt 

Creative Adult
Completed Exposition
Whip Hand
Children of God
Old Wounds
Opposition Rising

The Power of the Riff IV in LA
The Power of the Riff IV in LA

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