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Music: Coming in 2014: Scene Point Blank Anticipates

We're done looking back at 2013 and catching up: now it's time to see what exciting releases there are ahead of us this year. Whether it's the much-vaunted return of Godflesh, or the semi-mythical promise of a new At The Gates record, our writers list the releases planned for 2014 that they're anticipating. Without further ado, here's what Scene Point Blank is anticipating for 2014.

Bob's list

godflesh.jpg2014 is looking to be a big open race as to what records that I am looking forward to, potentially leaving lots of room for tons of new music to worm its way in to the overall conversation; and while that is certainly not a bad or poor representation of what is in store for 2014, I will admit that I struggled to think of albums that really excited me that were due out this year. Yet, the few records that did come to mind are definitely exciting to me.

1. Godflesh

How could fans not be excited by a new GODFLESH? There has been a number of years since Hymns (actually reissued last year with impressive treatment) originally dropped and recent reunion performances have really had the chatter going among fans of the band and Justin Broadrick’s work in general. This is one of the first records that came to mind for 2014 for me.

2. Swans - To Be Kind

Another huge record for me as The Seer was so much what I was looking for from the band and the recent live album, Not Here / Not Now, acted as a huge teaser for what we might expect from To Be Kind. Gira and the boys show absolutely no sign of stopping since Swans was reactivated, and their frenzied schedule and almost superhuman stamina is in it of itself impressive but the fact that they are releasing another two hours of studio music is staggering.

3. Mamiffer - Lilac

I believe that this Mamiffer album has been on my records to look forward to list for 3 years running now (not sure if Lilac is still the title either) but recent photographic evidence suggests that the next Mamiffer album is on the way, and this wife and husband duo continue to make more and more compelling music with each release.

4. Planning For Burial - Desideratum

Desideratum was not unlike Chinese Democracy (except that it more than likely did not cost $13 million or so to make) as listeners (and the artist) joked that it would never come out, but now in 2014, Planning For Burial is releasing the long coming album. For those of you who have not heard nor paid attention to this awesome project and its multitude of quirky releases of sweet droning melodies, do not hesitate or wait on it, because the gloom-y ambience and sad melodies of Desideratum will be one hell of a record for rainy days.

5. Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World

So yes, Have A Nice Life are finally releasing the follow up to Deathconsciousness (if you discount the awesome Time Of Land), which is great news. I cannot wait to hear the followup… wait… scratch that. I have heard the album, and The Unnatural World certainly is a good album from this duo that those who have not had the pleasure should rush to hear as soon as they can.

6. Old Man Gloom

The Gloom resumed not long ago, and right around Christmas and new Years the OMG Institute for Simian Research was photographed in the wilds of the recording studio laying down tracks for their next record due sometime this year. I just can’t… great… ugh. I will be getting this as soon as my grubby hands can.

7. Gridlink - Longhena

Longhena will be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, Gridlink is giving us their third album of awesome grinding madness, hopefully pushing the grindcore genre into new places and by all early accounts does. On the other hand, Longhena is purportedly the final album from Gridlink as well as their vocalist Jon Chang (also vocalist for Discordance Axis and Haiyano Daisuki), which is beyond a shame. Still, to say that I am anxiously awaiting this records arrival is a true understatement.

8. Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors

With Hydra Head’s well reported troubles, one band that I was most worried would be left label-less and without a champion was Helms Alee; but those concerns have been allayed by the upcoming album on Sargeant House. Sleepwaling Sailors may continue to fly under people’s radars, but these gals and guy make awesome records that are quirky; and this new record probably will be more of the band’s quality tunes.

9. At The Gates

After categorically denying that it would happen for years, At The Gates will actually record a follow up to the landmark death metal album Slaughter Of The Soul. Will they capture the same magic that Carcass did with their comeback album? Who knows, but considering what the members of At The Gates has done following their initial dissolution (The Haunted, Disfear, The Great Deceiver, The Crown, etc.), there is more than a chance that we will be banging our heads with our fists raised high in the air come the last quarter of the year when this hits.

10. Floor - Oblation

A new album from Floor is surprising for a couple reasons. One, Torche seemed to pick up where its predecessor left off. Two, Torche is doing incredibly well considering how much Floor was not really noticed by the masses during their run. That said, hearing a next logical step after their awesome self titled should be one hell of a fun listen. The “bomb” string should almost certainly be rearing its ugly but awesome sounding head again.

Chris Brown's list

titus.jpgWhen it comes to new releases, I have a tendency to get swept up in speculation. If it’s been a while since a band released an album, I just start to assume that they’re hard at work on their follow-up effort. With that being said, I’m mostly positive that that these albums will be coming out at some point this year.

1. Titus Andronicus – Album Title TBD

(Release scheduled for November)

It’s hard to imagine that anyone was prepared in 2010 for the sprawling, behemoth of an album that Titus Andronicus dropped on the world when they released The Monitor. Put simply, it was an ambitious, epic record about a breakup that was also chock full of references to the Civil War. 2012’s Local Business was a bit more straightforward but still packed a mighty wallop. In interviews late last year, frontman Patrick Stickles began detailing the band’s follow-up and what’s he’s describing is a 33 song long rock opera about his struggles with manic depression. For a guy who’s penned lines such as “Everything make me nervous and nothing feels good for no reason/ Waking up, it’s rarely worth it” and “My body is a prison/why else would I fill it with poison,” it’s damn near impossible not to be excited about taking another trip into the void with the hardest working band from New Jersey.

2. Electric Wizard – Album Title TBA

(Release Date Unknown)

The mere rumor of a new Electric Wizard album is cause for celebration in and of itself, and with original drummer Mark Greening back with the band that just up the ante even more. Details are still pretty scant at the moment, but Jus Osborn spoke to The Quietus back in January and said that folks can “expect total fuckin’ destruction” and that the band is “ready to fuckin’ kill again.” To summarize, the best heavy band in the land is promising destruction. For fans, news doesn’t get any better than that.

3. EMA – The Future’s Void

(April 8)

Erika M. Anderson, publicly known as EMA, is set to follow up on her stunning debut album from 2011, Past Life Martyred Saints. So far, she’s already shared the track “Satellites” with the world and if that’s any indication of where she’s headed then holy shit, this record is going to be a very big deal.

4. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2


Kindred spirits, El-P and Killer Mike, turned heads in 2012 when Jamie produced Mike’s terrific R.A.P. Music. Last summer, they put everybody on notice with their collaboration known as Run The Jewels. As two dudes who have been around the block once or twice and seen just about everything, they decided to flex their rap muscles and the end result was nothing short of dynamite. They like to talk a lot of about doing “real bad guy shit,” and on Twitter the new tracks are being described as “meaner.” They already gleefully set things on fire the first, how much more damage could they possibly do?

5. Little Big League – Album Title TBA

(Release Date Unknown)

Full disclosure, I live in Philadelphia and I think all of the bands here are the best on the planet. If we had done this list a month ago, I would have been going on and on about the new records coming from Creepoid, Nothing, and Bleeding Rainbow. I could also wildly speculate on just how incredible the new albums from Purling Hiss, Hop Along, and Cayetana are going to be. However, I’m going with Little Big League. Last year’s These Are Good People was their first proper full-length and one of my personal favorite records of the year. Hooky, guitar-driven indie rock that recalls the ‘90s. It’s rad. 

Cheryl's list

atthegates.jpgAt The Gates - At War With Reality

Does this really need any more explanation? Damn.

Godflesh - TBA

Having been lucky enough to have seen Godflesh live, the prospect of hearing brand new music is enough to break the brain. If it's as heavy as Streetcleaner and as engrossing as their live performance then a new Godflesh record will likely destroy your entire existence.

The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li

Al Azif dropped in 2012 and since then the French Lovecraftian black metal quintet have been slowly making their way to their sophomore record. Having heard two tracks already, Tekeli-Li is shaping up to be a masterpiece.

Pallbearer - TBA

I'm already crying.

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

Melana Chasmata is due in April and will probably end the world as we know it. 

Loren's list

brokedowns.jpgThe Brokedowns

The studio work is done and it’s just a matter of getting it pressed, or so suggest the facebook updates I’ve followed. I’ve followed the Brokedowns for a long time and (egad) even did my first interview with them. With each record the band just keeps growing, piling more noise and more punch into a well-established format. One can only expect that to continue as they follow up Species Bender.

Dillinger Four

I’ll believe it when I see it, but this whole feature thrives on rumors, and last year D4 spoke about actually getting the band in more active mode, touring, and putting out something new. A full-length? A 7”? Who knows, but I’ll take it, with the band having only released Civil War this millennia.

International Dipshit

Chalk this one up to our Pass the Mic feature for getting it on my radar. Hopefully it’s true, as the two-piece band has played great sets as the past few Fests and, to be direct, almost every Davey Tiltwheel project has been top notch.


Tenement just keeps bringing it. Admittedly, their recorded output has yet to match their live show, but that’s where the anticipation on a list like this comes in, isn’t it?

The Tim Version

I told myself I wouldn’t include this for the third straight year. But then I hear rumblings from the No Idea crowd and facebook posts from the band itself. Allegedly it’s all recorded and in production. Let’s make it happen already. Decline of the Southern Gentleman was one of my earliest reviews, and I’m more than ready to write another. 

Spyros' list

godflesh-2-metal-chris.jpgGodflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire

From Streetcleaner all the way to Hymns this band has never disappointed me. Their cold industrial vibe has influenced tons of acts and it would be really cool to see Justin Broadrick and C.G. Green can come up with after such a long hiatus.

Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite

I discovered the band when their second full-length, Two Hunters, came out. When Celestial Lineage was released I was sure that they reached their peak, and when the band went into a hiatus I was just worried if we would ever hear from them again. Now they will return with an album set in a parallel domain to Celestial Lineage, entitled Celestite, and I just cannot wait any more.

The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

For me this experimental psychedelic sludge act is one of the most intriguing bands to hear in a long time. Their debut album, A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky completely shattered my world and their sophomore release, An Ache for the Distance, was a thundering album filled with trippy elements and sickening weight. Let’s see if they can top all that with the Old Believer.

Swans – To Be Said

When they returned with My Father Will Guide me a Rope Up in the Sky, it seemed like after fourteen years of inactivity they still had a lot to offer. Of course then The Seer came along and any doubts about Gira and co. simply vanished. And now they again will bombard us with a double album. They sure show no mercy!

Pallbearer – TBD

Sorrow and Extinction was one of the best debut albums I had heard in a while filled with slow, dirty, heavy music. I am really intrigued to see where they can take it from here. 

Aaron's list

menzingers.jpgThe Menzingers - Rented World

Had they not mentioned it at a show I saw them at a couple weeks ago, I would have never known. On top of that, they played a new song that I was positively excited about. Since then the band have made it more public and released a different song. I'm ready. I've been anticipating this album for awhile.

Rise Against - TBD

I haven't been too thrilled about the past couple of Rise Against albums, but they're an important band to me. They're one of the first bands I ever discovered on my own without my older brother telling me what to listen to. I still hold a place for them in my heart and will always look forward to new music. I just hope they can release something that will bring me back and keep me hooked.

The Faint - Doom Abuse

So out of nowhere, The Faint came back. They were gone for years following Fasciinatiion. The album was anything but fascinating. It lacked the same creative and melodic hooks of their previous work. It didn't have that same Faint specialty. They surprised fans when they released a new EP that was available at their shows. The songs showed a little more promise than Fasciinatiion. I have hope that they will make me dance again.

Foo Fighters - TBD

Wasting Light was my favorite Foo album since The Colour and The Shape, so I'm stoked to see what they do next. The concept they have going on with their 8th LP intrigues me. The band plans on recording in 12 different studios and in a way no one has ever done before. We'll see how it works out.

Modest Mouse - TBD

OK, so I'm still waiting on this one. They've been playing new material for a couple years now and canceled a European tour to focus on this album. The new songs sound like a new approach for the band, I'm interested to see what they come up with in the studio. Who knows if it'll actually see the light of day this year. It's been a long work in progress.


How about you: what did we miss? What are you looking forward to hearing this year?


Words by the SPB team on March 1, 2014, 5:44 a.m.

Photo of Justin Broadrick by Metal Chris.

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Coming in 2014: Scene Point Blank Anticipates

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