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Primitive Man and Unearthly Trance split in August

Posted by Loren on June 30, 2018

On August 17, Relapse Records will release a 7-song split LP between Denver's Primitive Man and New York's Unearthly Trance. To two bands came together to record this trailer for the upcoming release:

Primitive Man has an uncoming European tour with -(16)-. 

3. PRIMITIVE MAN - Love Under Will
4. UNEARTHLY TRANCE - Mechanism Error
6. UNEARTHLY TRANCE - Reverse The Day

6/30/2018 Electric Funeral Fest - Denver, CO
7/12/2018 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO w/ Yob, Bell Witch
8/17/2018 Temple Of Ascension Vol. 1 - Edmonton, AB
8/18/2018 Psycho Las Vegas @ Hard rock Hotel And Casino - Las Vegas, NV
w/ -(16)- :
8/29/2018 Junkyard - Dortmund, DE
8/30/2018 IFZ- Leipzig, DE
8/31/2018 KB18 - Copenhagen, DK
9/01/2018 1000fryd - Aalborg, DK
9/02/2018 Hafenklang - Hamburg, DE
9/03/2018 Magasin4Brussels, BE
9/04/2018 Tiefgrund - Berlin, DE
9/05/2018 Poglos - Warsaw, PL
9/06/2018 Fuga - Bratislava, SK
9/07/2018 Desszert Feszt Budapest Opening Party - Budapest, HU
9/08/2018 Reflektor Venue - Timisoara, RO 
9/09/2018 Something For The Core VII - Bucharest, RO
9/10/2018 Mocvara - Zagreb, HR
9/11/2018 Circolo Magnolia - Milano, IT
9/12/2018 Sunset Bar - Martigny, CH
9/13/2018 Gaswerk - Winterthur, CH
9/14/2018 Jubez - Karlsruhe, DE 
9/15/2018 Bloodshed Fest 2018 - Eindhoven, NL

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