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Shut It Down comp with a cause

Posted Sept. 5, 2020, 8:20 a.m. in Records by Loren
Shut It Down comp with a cause

photo by Loren Green

Yesterday a new 46-song compilation called Shut It Down hit bandcamp. The compilation collects 46 different metal, punk, hardcore, and noise artists to help raise funds and awareness following recent news of racism and police brutality.

There's a lot to unpack in the release, but it features brand new material from Rwake, Thou, Primitive Man, Racetraitor, and Amygdala, plus tunes by Sunn 0))), Xibalba, Misery Signals, Modern Life is War, Cloud Rat, Disembodied, Vile Creature, La Armada, and more.

All proceeds will go toward the Movement for Black Lives (

Artwork by Tyronne Gietzmann.
Universal mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Compilation name by Flora Lucini.


1. Minority Threat - Punk Politics

2. Chepang - Gaida Taskar Chutkeli

3. Amygdala - Where Have All The Widows Gone

4. Thou - Kerosene

5. The 1865 - Filler

6. Modern Life is War - End Times Dub

7. Disembodied - Seven Stitches

8. Terminal Nation - Cop Drop 2020

9. Cloud Rat - Screen Door

10. Xibalba - La Injustica

11. Sunn 0))) - Dream Canyon

12. Burn - Mountain

13. Primitive Man - Tired

14. Racetraitor - Zoropsidae

15. Dawn Ray'd - Black Cloth

16. Kaonashi - Look At Me

17. Vile Creature - Apathy Took Helm! 

18. Hive - Most Vicious Animal

19. Jesus Piece - Oppressor (Live)

20. Cold Shoulder - Primitive

21. Misery Signals - River King

22. Rwake - Infinince

23. Changeling - Destroy Habituated Suffering

24. La Armada - Plagued

25. Rough Francis - Panthers In The Night

26. War on Women - Anarcha

27. End - Usurper (Live At Saint Vitus)

28. Solarized - Magazines

29. Cult Leader - Kurdistan

30. Sect - Curfew (Remix)

31. Ache - Shell Shock (Live)

32. Rebelmatic - Survival Gathering

33. Extinction AD - 1992

34. White Phosphorus - 226

35. With War - Scorched Earth (Live)

36. MAAFA - Welfare

37. Dog Years - Fingers To Lips

38. Exit Strategy - Swallow Teeth

39. Redbait - To Destroy/Knife Fight (Live)

40. Absolution - Not This Time (Urian Hackney Mix)

41. All Torn Up! - Legalized Genocide

42. Cue Ball - Record Scratch

43. Thorns of Reality - Anthistemi

44. Many Blessings - Enemies I Will Never Forgive

45. Neckbeard Deathcamp - MAGAphobe

46. Bovice - Fatal Fury

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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