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Year End 2018

Music: Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2018

Cattle Decapitation (Travis Ryan)

1. What are your top five albums that were released in 2018? (Preferably in order 1-5)

  1. Shannon and the Clams - Onion
  2. Shannon Shaw - Shannon In Nashville
  3. Softkill - Savior
  4. Soreption - Monument Of The End
  5. Choir Boy - Part Time Punks Sessions

2. What band did you discover in 2018 (can be a brand new band or an older band) that had an impact on your life? What made them significant?

It would probably have to be the bands Human Leather and Choir Boy. The vocalist has this beautiful falsetto and the band is a bunch of young dudes that sound exactly like they grew up during the '80s and were frozen in time. Except they're a bunch of really young dudes in their 20s. Its mind-blowing.

3. How will you remember 2018? (In terms of music)

Well, being in a touring band that releases albums helps muddy that all up. The last few years has had a lot of exciting stuff going on in the goth side of things and metal is starting to get inseminated by goth, electronica and even rap so things are looking pretty interesting as of late. Doesn't mean its all good but its something.

4. What can we look forward to from you in 2019?

Cattle Decapitation will be hitting the studio in the spring and a new album coming sometime in the 3rd or 4th quarter and a whole lot of touring.

5. What records are you looking forward to most in 2019?

Not too sure of what's coming but one I do know of is Riciin's new album. A project featuring the gorgeous voice of Laure Le Prunec from the Igorrr camp in France. That country has been KILLING IT in recent years. So much good stuff coming out of there. Speaking of which, hopefully there will be a new Magma. I'm always waiting for anything from them. That's my favorite band of all time. 

6. Right now there are two primary types of digital services: subscription streaming and the bandcamp approach that's more individualized. Do you have a preference and what direction do you think future streaming/download services will move toward?

Honestly, I fucking LOVE Bandcamp. But really it looks like stuff like Spotify is what everyone wants. I'm sure Amazon will figure out some way to own everything at some point anyways. 

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Words by Loren on Dec. 22, 2018, 1:54 p.m.

Main photo by Montecruz Foto.

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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Series: Year End 2018

Our summary of the best music (and more) of 2018.

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