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A roundup of coverage of the annual punk rock festival held in Gainesville, Florida

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The Soviettes (Fest 11)

Interviews / Fest 11 • December 22, 2012

Living in Minneapolis, I’ve seen a number of Soviettes shows on the local calendars over the past few years. With the band announcing a hiatus back in 2006, and a couple of reunions to celebrate the LP IV rarities compilation, I had long wondered what the band’s official status was. With some more shows scheduled around Fest 11, it seemed the perfect time to sit down with the band.  Scene Point Blank: What’s the status of the band right now: do you consider yourselves “active” or in “reunion mode”? You haven’t recorded anything, have you? Susy: No. Mike: Everyone has their own projects. Susy: Annie and I have a new band called FM Wired, Maren’s in The Gateway District. We’ve talked about maybe recording another record but, right now, it seems like it’s fun to just play shows as special things whenever we get together. Mike: When we’re asked to do special shows. Scene Point Blank: Were you asked tonight [to play with Dan Vapid and the Cheats]? Susy: We asked them. We said we wanted to play. Playing in this band is just so much fun. We’re best friends. As far as the status of the band, are we recording anything new? No. I guess that’s the right answer. Maren: We’re sitting on the floor answering questions, about to play a show, that’s the current status. That’s about as far into the future as we get. It’s hard to resist playing guitar with your friends. It’s the best, so I don’t … Read more

The Fest 11

Music / Fest 11 • December 2, 2012

Fest 11 had a hell of a lot of big names: Propagandhi, Frank Turner, Titus Andronicus, Good Riddance, Dwarves. It’s tempting to push your way up front in the sweaty, … Read more

Vacation (Fest 11)

Interviews / Fest 11 • December 2, 2012

The Cincinnati, Ohio three-piece Vacation are some active musicians. The band was formed to give them a local outlet, as other projects featured out-of-town members, and has quickly grown. They … Read more

Night Birds (Fest 11)

Interviews / Fest 11 • December 2, 2012

Night Birds made a name for themselves quickly. Sure, the guys have played in some well-known bands beforehand, but with only one proper full-length to their name (2011’s The Other Side … Read more

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