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Fest 13

Music / Fest 13 • November 12, 2014

Like its 12 predecessors, Fest 13 offered something new. The growing festival has made a mark in the DIY punk community in its layout, booking, and overall feel and, while it has a certain brand and stylistic focus, the 350+ band event is also able to shapeshift annually, sprouting new venues and trying out new things. The biggest change in 2014 was the addition of Bo Diddley Plaza in downtown Gainesville, an enormous open air outdoor space that gave a new dynamic to a festival that often sees patrons stumbling blindly of out dingy bars and into the 3pm Florida sunshine to catch a new set in an equally dark location across the street. This time, the event was to be a showcase for the weather—even if that weather took an unexpected Arctic front that saw temps in the 40s. But it’s not really about Gainesville. It’s not about the size of the venue. It’s about the music, man. In annual Scene Point Blank tradition, the effort of Fest coverage is to talk highlights and big moments, not some bulletpoint rundown of the weekend’s activities. (Hint: It involves bearded punk rock, PBR, and maybe a tequila somewhere in the middle.) Here are some words about what went down. Missing: many more words, a few memories, and probably a few more bands I caught pieces of. Friday Dailylisting: Mixtapes, Copyrights, Not Half Bad, Young and Heartless, Too Many Daves, The Tim Version, Tiltwheel, Dead Bars, Shallow Cuts, Delay The Fest. You can’t … Read more

Signals Midwest / Captain, We're Sinking

Interviews / Fest 13 • November 12, 2014

We chatted to Maxwell Stern of Signals Midwest and Leo Vergnetti of Captain, We’re Sinking: Scene Point Blank: At what point, post Fest, do you feel like you've again entered … Read more


Interviews / Fest 13 • November 12, 2014

Cayetana interviews Caves Cayetana: If you guys were action figures what would come with you? Caves: Lou would come with an imaginary German Shepherd (dog) because she had one in … Read more


Interviews / Fest 13 • November 12, 2014

Caves interviews Cayetana Caves: Cayetana, that's a cool name! Where does it come from? Cayetana: We named our band after a good friend of ours, Cayetano, because he's an awesome … Read more

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