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Our annual roundup from Gainesville, FL's famous Fest.

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Fest 12

Music / Fest 12 • November 11, 2013

Fest recaps are tough. It’s a 4-day* event with over 400 bands. By my spotty count, I saw at least 42 bands and 7 comedians and I’m sure those numbers aren’t accurate. I had some holes in my daily schedules that I wandered about town, ate foods, met up with friends, or just forgot what new bands I checked out. I missed a good dozen more I would have liked to have caught live but—what can you do?—a guy’s gotta eat and sleep. Beyond the massive scope of the event, it’s also more about “the scene” than it’s about spotlights. Sure, big names and big draws played, but there isn’t a Winner of Fest, as much as there’s an ongoing twelve-venue party where each band has Tony Weinbender’s stamp of approval. Fest 12 was my seventh in a row and I doubt I’ve seen a bad band yet. Night Birds playing at Fest 9, 10/29/2010 – photo by Nicole C. Kibert on Flickr. Fest 12 was marked by an expansion to 4 days*. The expansion was fairly organic, as unofficial shows have been hitting Gainesville on Thursday night for years in advance of Fest and out of towners like to arrive early. The changes this caused were twofold. First, at a day longer, there was a stronger sense that people in the audience were wearing out. On Saturday night, crowds were a bit calmer: four days of raging takes its toll. Second, the extra time allowed a greater distribution of … Read more


Interviews / Fest 12 • November 11, 2013

Audacity just released a new record, Butter Knife, on Suicide Squeeze this fall, following last year’s Mellow Cruisers (Recess Records). The band first formed when members Kyle and Matt were … Read more

The Atlantic

Interviews / Fest 12 • November 11, 2013

Fest 12 is Scene Point Blank’s seventh time in Gainesville. In that time we’ve talked to more bands than we care to list (but they’ve included Dillinger Four, Paint It … Read more


Interviews / Fest 12 • November 11, 2013

Scene Point Blank: I’m always interested in how people blend their personal and professional lives. You’re currently an architect, correct? Do your coworkers know of your double life/how do you … Read more

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