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Our annual round-up of the best music of the year 2014.

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2014: A Year In Review

Music / Year End 2014 • January 13, 2015

It's time for our final retrospective look at 2014 – this time we're covering all the stuff we missed from last year, whether it's the best hip-hop records, weird album artworks, press onesheet mis-steps, reissues records or new discoveries at Fest. Read on to find out what things passed under your radar in 2014 and see if there's anything you can add to our lists. The Best Hip-Hop Records of 2014 Its unlikely that there's another year-end rap list like this one, as outside of a few guilty pleasures I have little interest in the popular, hook-driven, thinned-out drivel that passes as "hip-hop" these days. Call me a grumpy curmudgeon if you must, but do so knowing that are very few things that I'm as passionate about as rap music. My approach to hip-hop is like that of a big man holding down the lane on a basketball court: Don't Bring That Weak Shit In Here. Run The Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike) - Run The Jewels 2 (Mass Appeal) There's a common misconception that Kim Kardashian and her bare naked cosmetically enhanced buttocks broke the Internet. But that's impossible because the Internet was already broken by Run The Jewels 2.  On the surface El-P and Killer Mike may seem like an oddball paring. But onstage, like on wax, their interplay is seamless; surely a result of extensive recording and touring together. El-P, for all his titled cap buffoonery takes hip-hop very, very seriously. And Killer Mike, well he just goes … Read more

Scene Point Blank's Favorites: Year End (2014)

Music / Year End 2014 • January 7, 2015

It's been another strong year for music in 2014 just gone – we've seen comebacks, unexpected debuts, strong follow-ups and soon-to-be classics from old and new bands alike. In this, … Read more

Pass The Mic: Record Labels on 2014

Music / Year End 2014 • December 21, 2014

Every year we pause in our relentless quest to document the best music coming out of the punk, hardcore and indie scene and ask those on the other side to … Read more

Pass The Mic: Artists on 2014

Music / Year End 2014 • December 14, 2014

Since 2006 we've aimed to make our year-end roundups feature not just our thoughts on the best records of the past twelve months, but the thoughts of the people producing … Read more

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