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Looking Forward to The Fest 16

Music / Fest 16 • October 22, 2017

It’s been three very long years since SPB hit The Fest. Well, it all changes this year – we’re also getting our first taste of Pre-Fest, already in its fifth iteration. With a lineup of something like a million of our favorite bands (Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, Toys That Kill, and Against Me!, oh my!) it’s going to be an active week of live music. Pre-Fest takes place in Ybor City, FL from Oct. 25-26 and The Fest 16 hitting Gainesville from Oct. 27-29. We’re excited about too many bands to mention, so rather than talk give The Fest the fanboy treatment, we went straight to the performers with one simple question. What excites you the most about attending The Fest 16? 1 88 Fingers Louie We are looking forward to seeing old friends, making new onesand seeing some of our favorite bands. - Dennis Buckley 2 Atom from Atom and His Package I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing old friends whom I have not seen in about a decade. [Insert: Awwwww.] I'm also looking forward to standing my kids on top of each other under one giant trenchcoat, putting a monocle and fake mustache on the top one and getting them into shows where they're probably not allowed. Insert: Ewww.] I'm also looking forward to figuring out how to play at one venue and to see Early Riser at a different venue at the same time. [Insert: Wow. How's he going to do that? He must be smart … Read more

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