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The Greatest Story Ever Told: Felix Hagan

Music / The Greatest Story Ever Told • April 2, 2017

Felix Hagan & the Family play grandiose pop songs tinged with hints of musical theatre, classic rock, and jazz. Hagan's shows have been described as a whirlwind of show-off nonsense (in a good way!) with Hagan playing ringleader to a seven-piece backing band of highly theatrical, immaculately dressed, misfits. The group has released two EPs to date and since their formation in 2013 have traveled across the UK winning over fans and critics. They play shows with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks and the hands either in the air or around someone’s hips. Recently Felix Hagan completed a tour with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, playing keys while Sleeping Souls’ member Matt Nasir was busy having children. For this installment of the Greatest Story Ever Told, Hagan explains how playing in the band all started with a fan email. "I first met Frank a few years ago when, in a fit of boundless optimism, I emailed him a track from my first album. Someone had compared our general tenor of lyricism, and I decided to waste half an hour and send an email to the Famous Guy, sure it would never be read. This was before I knew him, of course. Lo and behold I got a reply in which he was awfully nice about the song. We corresponded a bit (by which I mean I showered him in more unwanted music), and he ended up coming out to see us play after the mighty Beans On … Read more

GSET: Nahko and Medicine for the People

Music / The Greatest Story Ever Told • September 25, 2016

Nahko Bear is a multi-instrumental, multi-talented, musician born in Portland, Oregon. Nahko’s songs are categorized as world fusion, and while those words are generally a meaningless catch-all for anything slightly … Read more


Music / The Greatest Story Ever Told • April 3, 2016

Leatherface never achieved the success they deserved. In the late '80s and early '90s, the UK punk band created a sound - marked by gravely vocals, killer riffs, and an … Read more

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Frank Turner

Music / The Greatest Story Ever Told • December 21, 2015

Earlier this year folk-punk troubadour Frank Turner released his sixth studio album, Positive Songs for Negative People. Recorded in Nashville with producer Butch Walker, the record is an attempt to … Read more

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