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Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2020

Words: Loren • December 13, 2020

Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2020
Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2020

2020, huh. It's been a memorable(?) year, that's for sure. In the years to come we'll probably remember it due to the contested presidential election and the global pandemic, but it turns out there were a couple of other interesting things happening just below the radar. As is SPB tradition, we've passed the mic over to our friends in the music world to tell us how they'll remember 2020, the music they're excited about for 2021, and (if possible) something positive that's come from the Covid-19 lockdown the world has faced this year. Here's some choice quotes:

"We’re just fabulously relieved that Trump lost. We cannot overstate the depths of our hostility toward that fuckface."
Heart & Lung

"I’ve got a mask on, so those little things like smiling in the warehouse when someone makes a dumb joke are fruitless. You’ve got to make me laugh so hard you can see it in my eyes and, bud, I’m a huge bummer, so good luck with that."
Foxfires (Josh Lyford)

"My favorite development from this pandemic is the amount of new interesting collaborations that I’m seeing being done electronically. I almost feel like this pandemic was the show that musicians needed to embrace technology and start to do more remote collaborations."
Secret Fun Club (Sal Gallegos III)

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Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2020
Pass The Mic: Artists and labels on 2020

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  1. Opening page
  2. A-F Records / Nightmarathons (Chris Stowe)
  3. Asbestos Worker (Josh Stever)
  4. Attic Salt (Skip Davis)
  5. Black Dots (Wade Henderson - guitar/yelling)
  6. Body Stuff (Curran Reynolds)
  7. Bootblacks (Barrett Hiatt)
  8. Bothers (John Massel)
  9. Broadway Calls (Ty Vaughn - guitar/vocals)
  10. Burnt Tapes (Phil LaTour)
  11. City Of Industry (Ossa Humilata)
  12. Cloud Rat (Rorik Brooks)
  13. Primitive Teeth (Christine)
  14. Days N Daze / Escape from the ZOO / Chad Hates George (Jesse Sendejas)
  15. DC-Jam Records (Darron Hemann)
  16. Deaf Club (Brian Amalfitano)
  17. Dirt Cult Records / Low Culture (Chris Mason)
  18. Divided Heaven (Jeff Berman)
  19. Foxfires (Josh Lyford)
  20. Heart and Lung
  21. Iron Lung Records (Jensen)
  22. Lamniformes
  23. Locrian / The Holy Circle / Axebreaker (Terence Hannum)
  24. MakeWar (Edwin)
  25. Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band (Nato Coles)
  26. Neighborhood Brats (George Rager)
  27. Netherlands (Timo Ellis)
  28. Old Ghosts (Derek)
  29. Partial Traces (Brad Lokkesmoe)
  30. Quattracenta (Andrea - drums)
  31. Real Numbers (Eli Hansen)
  32. Red Fiction / Secret Chiefs 3 / Estradasphere (Jason Schimmel)
  33. Red Scare Industries (Tobias Jeg)
  34. Reptoid (Jordan Sobolew)
  35. Salinas Records / Quaker Wedding (Marco Reosti)
  36. Sam Russo
  37. Scuba Cop
  38. Secret Fun Club (Sal Gallegos III)
  39. SpiritWorld (Stu Folsom)
  40. Sutekh Hexen / In Solace Publishing (Kevin Gan Yuen)
  41. The Carvels NYC (Lynne Von Pang)
  42. The Path (Jon Berg)
  43. The Pretty Flowers (Noah Green)
  44. Tibetan Sky Burial
  45. To Live A Lie Records / Tired Of Everything (Will Butler)
  46. Western Addiction (Jason Hall)
  47. Strangelight (Nat Coghlan)

Series: Year End 2020

Our wrap-up of the best music and more for the year we'll all want to otherwise forget, 2020.

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